Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

just one more

I keep playing in Photshop and wanted to share another CUTE one!!! i swear he could be a gap model or SOMETHING... too stink-n cute!!! and he KNOWS it!!! :)

We went to the pumpkin patch today and had a wonderful time.  Ken and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage today as well!!! It really doesn't seem like 11 years and today I was trying to figure out why these 11 years have flown by so fast!!! Ken and I have been through a lot together.  Most marriages fall apart in times of stress and sadness BUT not ours.  It never bothered our commitment to one another.  We grew stronger and stronger with every bump in the road.  I couldn't have dreamed of a better teammate in this game of life!!!  OK no more sappy I LOVE KENNY STUFF....

Today we went to the pumpkin patch and it was a riot.  Drew is definitely in an independent stage... I DO IT I DO IT!!! He yells but when it came to riding the train or the hay ride FORGET it.  He cracks us up daily with his statements.  Today we asked him to go pay the nice lady for his pumpkin and when he gave her the money he said "thank you lady!!"  Oh my goodness... he is a nut!!!

After the pumpkin patch we went to Costco.  The only way we can get him to go there without a fit is to tell him we can see Miss May.  Miss May is an elderly Oriental lady who is so so sweet to Drew.  She is a greeter at our local Costco and Drew LOVES her!!! Even though we know Miss May might not be at Costco we tell him we can see her and he will INSTANTLY stop fussing and say, " I stop crying to see Miss May?" 
Today Miss May was not there but when we were leaving I told Drew to give the receipt to Mr. Mike so he could check it and Drew says, " Thanks Mike!!!' and Mr. Mike said You are welcome and Bye... to which Drew YELLS, "BYE MIKE!!!" oh my
He is also into asking what's that... What's that noise?  or What's that sound? most of the time it is a car noise of some sort but it is still funny to hear... what's that sound?  some every day noise that we are not noticing or blocking out are now on our scope because we might get What is that sound?  and if we do NOT know it watch out... you will get the question over and over and over!!!

We have a baby duck that flew back to our house.  The city rounded all the baby ducks up and took them to a local pond BUT one of the babies is back and is hanging out at our house!!! Drew loves it and since the baby duck is now grown up it resembles Momma Duck!!! SOOOO we call this duck Momma Duck too.  We are currently trying to come up with a name for the duck BUT Momma Duck it is for right now. 

Lately he wants go ride the airplane and Pumba.  These are those crazy GERM infested kiddy rides you find at your local Toys R Us.  We will be in the middle of dinner and he will say..."I go ride Pumba?"  or if we are any where near our local shopping center... "I ride airplane?"  OK now here is the funny part... he does NOt really ride them... he just sits on them. BECAUSE when you put the quarters in... this really LOW manly voice comes on and says "PARENTS PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED" well that did it... that voice scared Drew so much anytime a quarter gets near the coin slot he freaks out!!! So he just sits on them!!! bright side is...saves me a few quarters!!!

His favorite toy is his Thomas the train.  He talks to it too.  He asks Thomas where he would like to go.  and tells him where he will take hime.  Drew also does play by play for Thomas you are going up the chair...WHHHHEEEEE and now you are going down....or ok now you are going to go up dad-os face!!!

He is also really aware of his surroundings while riding in the car.  He loves to go under bridges adn yells out WE DID IT!!! when we reach the other side!!! and when we go down big hills he yells WHEEEEEE like he is on a roller coaster!!!

We also get an occasional HI GUYS!!! and he LOVES LOVES LOVES to call everybody by their roll call... when we are in big groups... and if he doesn't know someone he MIGHT ask WHO THAT???

He is also in the stage of calling Ken and I by our first names... I think it is funny and correct him... Ken does not find it funny... doesn't help much that i laugh out loud about it!!!

I must say I am enjoying every single second!!! Even his fits crack us up!!! he sometimes has fake cries and literally BOO WHOOS.  and sometimes when he stops crying he will let us know... I STOP CRYING!!!
I think that is about it... for now...

The picture below is probably my new favorite shot of him.  It catches his stinky face!!!

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

little stuff

We went out today and got some random pics!!!
Things have been a little crazy around here...
Drew bonked his head and got to go to the fire station... everything is OK
and now he just has a NICE bruise
and then
I broke my foot and I am in a FANTABULOUS walking boot!!!

we haven't really done anything picture worthy lately
tomorrow we are going to the pumpkin patch
where we take our annual
I love this time of YEAR!!!
sending love your way!!!


We went out to dinner a few nights ago to celebrate Drew Day!!!

my boys

Mia was posing (i think) not really sure what she is doing in this pic BUT it is the only one I have so here it is LOL

not  a good night for pics... here is Nana and Pops

aunt Susanne and Espe came out to celebrate too

we took a good pic... i think!!!