Saturday, November 12, 2005

I have finally come to the conclusion of how to tell a true friend....

I goto these house parties quite often... you know Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Southern Living.ect..... well I go to one at least every other month. I don't mind going because I enjoy the company and socializing...but... sometimes I offer to be a hostess ONLY because I want to help out the Seller...I don't really care for the free deals and what nots but I want to see my friends (the sellers) do well. Well I threw my 2nd and probably last one today (with the help of Susie..THANK YOU SUSIE). I did it to help a good friend of mine who is now selling Pampered Chef so she can be a stay at home mom. Well I invited the co-worker friends who one throws these parties all the time and like I mentioned before I go to all of because I know how it feels to throw a party and no one shows and two because like I said I like the company...ANYWAYS I also invited some other people that I thought would come because I either threw them a party or went to one of theirs or BOTH...or maybe I even gave them tickets to a hockey game...catching my drift yet...NEEDLESS TO SAY... only your true friends show up to your party. TodayI had my mom and Susie of course... it was at her house, Patti ( a true friend) and like 2 other people... I think I invited over 20...the 2 people that I thought for sure SHOULD come didn' sent their mom and the other never RSVP ed...

which gets me on another rant...HELLOOOOOOOOOO The term R.S.V.P. comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "please respond". If R.S.V.P. is written on an invitation it means the invited guest must tell the host whether or not they plan to attend the party. It does not mean to respond only if you're coming, and it does not mean respond only if you're notcoming (the expression "regrets only" is reserved for that instance). It means the host needs a definite head count for the planned event and if you don't RSVP it is just down right RUDE... no other explaination no excuses NADA, ZIP, uh uh not going listen

OK BACK TO the pampered chef thingy... I guess I learned my lesson to not do one of these STUPID things again. I also know who I am not going to talk to on Monday at school because they didn't RSVP and I threw their Mary Kay party and went to their Pampered chef Party and then gave them 6 YES 6 free hockey tickets....did I hear the "You just got used police" call...why yes I did and guess what that won't happen again.

WHATEVER... I'll get over it... I guess I forgive BUT I DO NOT FORGET!!!!! OK SOAP BOX OVER

Today was also my Grandpa Stewart's 75th Birthday. We went over to their house for dinner and pie. It was nice. I took lots of pictures of Tena, Mom, and G'pa and ma... it is always nice to get together with family and friends.

Today I am thankful for because that is where I got my CORRECT information about RSVP.
I am also thankful for True Friends like Patti. We work together (both are 3rd grade teachers) and she is always there when I need her. It's just you and me BABE... THANKS PATTI FOR ALWAYS GOING TO MY PARTIES!!!
I keep telling myself tomorrow will be a better day.
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
No seriously I am not even shedding a tear.
I am, however, making a list of people who were NO SHOWS and I will not be attending anymore of their events. BUT unlike them I will RSVP...because after all, I am a lady!

HAPPY 75th Grandpa!!!! Love you!!!
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Copper was a Pumpkin Fairy for Halloween this year. She is too cute and matches her little baby. Is she not the cutest dog EVER!!!!????
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THis is Copper taking a nap on her Daddy. They were both catching some ZZZZzzzzzssss. TOO CUTE!!!
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Two little birds flew into our house the other day and I got to get a picture of one of them. Here it is hanging out on one of the pictures.
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