Friday, December 30, 2005

You can look at the pictures for the things we did this Christmas but for a quick update on me. I still have 6 stitches in my bellybutton and two in each of the other two incisions for a total of 10 stitches. This time I didn't get the dissolvable kind because it is safer to use the nondissolvable when you are using old incision scars...It just heals better... You know so my bellybutton will look great in this summer's bikini....HA! Anyways I go in Tuesday afternoon to get them taken out and for more details on what is next to come. I do know that I will be going on Depo Lupron again so my uterus can heal and I love those HOT FLASHES!!!! I will try to update more after Tuesday. Ken and I are looking forward to a new year and will be going to Dallas mid-January for a family wedding I will definitely have pics of that trip. Enjoy the following pictures and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS!!!

Today I am thankful for Christmas Break.
I don't care if you call it Christmas, Holiday, Winter can call it what you like BUT I will stick to the traditional term of Christmas Break. It means the same to everybody... it is a time to be with friends and family, a time to give and receive, and a time to reflect and respond. I so enjoy getting together with my friends and family. They are the ones who keep you going. They're your inspiration, motivation, and the first with your congratulations. Anybody that KNOWS me knows I love to shop. I like to call it retail therapy, but whatever I call it... I SHOP SHOP SHOP. I love looking for great deals for me but I love it when I find the "just the right thing" for others. I put a lot of thought and care into the gifts I give and I soooooooo appreciate when I receive a gift that was given with the same.... it makes it that much better. New Year's bring on a time to reflect on what happened the year before. Ken and I started a memory jar. Every time we did something memorable we would add a little something to the movie tickets, pictures, receipts, trinkets...ect....This New Year's Eve we will go through it and reflect on our 2005. I can't wait. I also do not set a "resolution" a resolution (to me) is a solution to a problem why not think positive and call it a response to the problem.

This was our Christmas card this year if you did not get one that means one of two things....1 you didn't send me one...I lost my old address book and as I got cards in I sent cards out.... or 2 you sent me a card but you didn't have a return address...that means you Aunt AnnaLee. Well anyways this was our Grand Prize Winner for this year's card. Look at the following to see which ones didn't make it... Another reason you might not of been graced by Copper Clause is becuase we ran out of cards.....anyways if you didn't get one PLEASE send me your address.
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Not too flattering...NEXT...
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Ken's favorite
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Good one.
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Copper Anne smiling!
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Busting at the seams... Her chest is busting out of the front...just like her mom...HA!
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The night before my surgery I had my faculty Christmas Party. We were in charge. This is the group that I teach 3rd grade with. Starting from l-r Fran, Kari, me, Beth (she was Fran's sub during her baby leave), and then Patti. I am very lucky to teach with such a great group of girls.
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The morning of my surgery mom and dad came to my class to help with the Gingerbread Party. I needed their help because it was the last day of school before Winter Break and I had to leave early from school to check in at the hospital. Mom and Dad had fun helping my kids build their houses. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!
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One of my student's Gingerbread Castles. It was one of the best.
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My Uncle Jeb came in for Christmas...kinda ... this is the second year where he comes in for a few days before Christmas with his girls. We went to Magic Time Machine for dinner one night and Tinkerbell found out that Jeb use to work there and gave him a wear. Isn't he cute....
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My Uncle Jeb and his ( we love her, you have to keep her, the sweetest thing, and cute too) girlfriend Laura. Tinkerbell is in the middle.
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Josh and his girlfriend Lyssa at Magic Time Machine.
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YOU know we went to Hockey games over the Holiday Break. THis is our teams mascot, T-Bone. He annoys me most of the time but whatever. He is posing for a picture and I guess the girl behind him is too.
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This is our view of the players this year. We are very lucky to sit so close to the penalty box... Thanks DAD. It is a lot of fun.
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This is Boone and his new motorized HARLEY...JUST like POPS (that is what he calls his Grandpa (Ken's stepdad Rick).
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Christmas Eve is always spent with Ken's Mom. We had so much fun this year it was great. We really enjoyed watching our 2 1/2 year old nephew, Boone, open his gifts.
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We couldn't find Copper when it was time to go to bed Christmas Eve and we found her looking out the window. We figured she was looking for SANTA PAWS.
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Santa PAWS is coming!
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Copper is waiting to open her gift.
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SANTA brought Copper a new set of Fairy wings.
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Dad opening a gift from mom.
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Copper with her Christmas ribbon on. She is like...."DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE SOOOO MANY PICTURES OF ME MOM?"...and the answer is YES!!!!
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Josh loves his custom made "Freeman" figure. Ken spent lots of time making this figure look like Josh when he played football at Judson. YES KEN made it. It is really cool and Josh loved it.
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Mom and Grandma passing out gifts at the Stewart's House.
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Tena opening her gift from us. I made her a custom Scrabble board where I glued down letters to spell out things important to the O'Connor Tena, Bill, William, and Andrea
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well many of you already know that I am going to have surgery #3 THIS Friday. I went to Dr. Garza (my obgyn/ fertility specialist (#1 in Texas)), yesterday because my cycle was way off. I won't go into detail on that but let's just say I should buy stock in Tampax. Anyways went to Garza and had to have an internal sonogram. It showed that I have 2 cysts...What else is new... and my uterus is too thick. Each ovary has it's own cyst... the right one is 19cm and the left one is around 9. Remember that you are suppose to have cysts (follicles) because they contain the egg and then the cyst is suppose to rupture releasing the egg along with helpful hormones. They usually rupture around 15-17. If your follicle doesn't rupture your body doesn't know to start sluffing off the uterine lining (if you are not pregnant) and therefore your uterus just gets thicker and thicker. When you are at the follicle rupturing stage your uterus should be at 3cm thick mine is now at 19cm. My uterus was getting so thick that clumps of it were sluffing off (starting Dec. 1st) I thought it was a normal cycle but it didn't stop and since my follicle didn't rupture my uterus just kept growing. I thought I WOULD JUST GET A SHOT but was wrong and guess what SURGERY again. I was really upset ...I wasn't sure if it was going to be a simple procedure (like no incisions) or the laproscopy...DING DING DING I WIN it's the laproscopy. That is when they go through my belly button and two incisions on my panty line...PAINFUL recovery. OH WELL good drugs help. I was also really upset because they wanted me to have it early Friday morning...For those of you that know the Friday before Christmas is PARTY day. My kids (who are the best I have ever had a TRUE DREAM CLASS) have been working very hard to earn their Gingerbread house party. They had to pass addition tests (0-10) to earn parts of the if you pass your zero test you get to come to the party, if you pass your ones you get a plate, twos you get the icing, 3 gingerbread (graham crackers) and so on and so on. Well our house building party is Friday and I didn't want to miss a thing. I finally convinced the nurse to schedule me for the latest possible time and they did. It is between 2 and 3 BUT I have to be there at 12 or 1. We only have a half day on Friday so I am going to leave at lunch time and will miss the last 40 minutes of the day. My principal okayed it and my teaching team is going to cover my class for the last 40 minutes. As I mentioned my class is AWESOME so it won't be a difficult task. Although I was upset about the surgery, it does fall at a convenient time because I have to have 2 weeks recovery and that is how long my vacation is... I don't have to miss any school...YIPPEE.

OK different news... I haven't updated with pictures or Weight Watchers updates for a while. I will post pictures later...BUT... I am now up to 20 pounds lost. I am very excited and mom has lost over 15. ( ok so I was reading this to my mom and dad and mom wanted me to say she is up to 17 pounds lost and dad wnats me to say he is up to 25 pounds lost. We don't like to talk about Dad's wt loss because everyone knows men lose wt faster..and I told him wait til after my surgery 19cm of uterus should weigh at least 20 pounds ... I can dream and heck what ever makes me happy and it is my BLoG and I can type what I wnat to.... ;))

I will update details of the procedure later and will try to post pictures ... not of the surgery but other Copper's Santa outfit and other fun pics.

Today I am thankful for TJMAXX. I am absolutely addicted to that store. I go there for Retail Therapy. They have really good stuff. I go there to look and shop and look some more. Ken hates going there with me because I seriously will stay there for hours. After tonight I am sure Josh won't go with me anymore either.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I have finally come to the conclusion of how to tell a true friend....

I goto these house parties quite often... you know Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Southern Living.ect..... well I go to one at least every other month. I don't mind going because I enjoy the company and socializing...but... sometimes I offer to be a hostess ONLY because I want to help out the Seller...I don't really care for the free deals and what nots but I want to see my friends (the sellers) do well. Well I threw my 2nd and probably last one today (with the help of Susie..THANK YOU SUSIE). I did it to help a good friend of mine who is now selling Pampered Chef so she can be a stay at home mom. Well I invited the co-worker friends who one throws these parties all the time and like I mentioned before I go to all of because I know how it feels to throw a party and no one shows and two because like I said I like the company...ANYWAYS I also invited some other people that I thought would come because I either threw them a party or went to one of theirs or BOTH...or maybe I even gave them tickets to a hockey game...catching my drift yet...NEEDLESS TO SAY... only your true friends show up to your party. TodayI had my mom and Susie of course... it was at her house, Patti ( a true friend) and like 2 other people... I think I invited over 20...the 2 people that I thought for sure SHOULD come didn' sent their mom and the other never RSVP ed...

which gets me on another rant...HELLOOOOOOOOOO The term R.S.V.P. comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "please respond". If R.S.V.P. is written on an invitation it means the invited guest must tell the host whether or not they plan to attend the party. It does not mean to respond only if you're coming, and it does not mean respond only if you're notcoming (the expression "regrets only" is reserved for that instance). It means the host needs a definite head count for the planned event and if you don't RSVP it is just down right RUDE... no other explaination no excuses NADA, ZIP, uh uh not going listen

OK BACK TO the pampered chef thingy... I guess I learned my lesson to not do one of these STUPID things again. I also know who I am not going to talk to on Monday at school because they didn't RSVP and I threw their Mary Kay party and went to their Pampered chef Party and then gave them 6 YES 6 free hockey tickets....did I hear the "You just got used police" call...why yes I did and guess what that won't happen again.

WHATEVER... I'll get over it... I guess I forgive BUT I DO NOT FORGET!!!!! OK SOAP BOX OVER

Today was also my Grandpa Stewart's 75th Birthday. We went over to their house for dinner and pie. It was nice. I took lots of pictures of Tena, Mom, and G'pa and ma... it is always nice to get together with family and friends.

Today I am thankful for because that is where I got my CORRECT information about RSVP.
I am also thankful for True Friends like Patti. We work together (both are 3rd grade teachers) and she is always there when I need her. It's just you and me BABE... THANKS PATTI FOR ALWAYS GOING TO MY PARTIES!!!
I keep telling myself tomorrow will be a better day.
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
No seriously I am not even shedding a tear.
I am, however, making a list of people who were NO SHOWS and I will not be attending anymore of their events. BUT unlike them I will RSVP...because after all, I am a lady!

HAPPY 75th Grandpa!!!! Love you!!!
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Copper was a Pumpkin Fairy for Halloween this year. She is too cute and matches her little baby. Is she not the cutest dog EVER!!!!????
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THis is Copper taking a nap on her Daddy. They were both catching some ZZZZzzzzzssss. TOO CUTE!!!
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Two little birds flew into our house the other day and I got to get a picture of one of them. Here it is hanging out on one of the pictures.
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Saturday, October 29, 2005

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Bravo Star

For those of you that are familiar with Wt. Watchers ( which I will now refer to as WW) a Bravo star is a little silver star sticker. Well anyways, you would never guess the excitement I get when I know I am going to get one. At my Ww meeting, you get one of these stickers for every 5 pounds lost. I just got my first star sticker and I was soooooo excited. I felt like one of my 3rd graders. For my first five pounds I got a bookmark. That didn't really matter to me but to get the silver star... now that I LIKE. I am feeling better and have now focused my energy to a new source. Shifting from baby to losing. Ken and I are doing good we are addicted to this soup I like to make called 7 CAN SOUP. It is easy and only 4 points for one cup. On WW every thing has a point value and you have to stay within your point range. It really works. Some foods have 0 points...Unfortunately for me they are the NASTY VEGGIES....but hey I like lettuce and tomatoes which are 0 points. Dad has also been making some soups that are WW friendly. His doctor told him he has to lose some wt. so he got on the WW Wagon. He is to machismo to go to a meeting but he is making better choices about what he eats. The last soup he made was 1 point for one cup. WOW. ANYWAYS nothing too exciting going on here besides TODAY IS MY DAD's BIRTHDAY!!! We have a hockey game is mullet night. and the first 1500 get mullet wigs. Will have pictures. Anyways since dad is a regular at the hockey games mom told one of the head ladies it was his birthday and they have prepared him some kind of memorabilia gifts. Will post pics later.

Today I am thankful for..... my dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD....
love your daddy's girl.
A saying comes to mind when I think about the important men in my goes like this..

Day one after Wt. Watchers meeting. I like my new group. I feel like it is an AA meeting for food addicts. TECHNICALLY it is.

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This is my first week after Wt. Watchers. I had lost 6 pounds in my first week. Mostly that is water weight. I don't have a Week three picture because ...frankly I forgot to have Ken take one. Sorry. I think I lost like 1.8 or something like that.
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This Thursday, after 3 weeks on Wt. Watchers, down 3 more pounds for a total of 11 pounds. Way to go me!!! My eyes are puffy because I just finished watcing a very sad episode of ER and I cried like a baby.
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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Poor mom.. she had to take the whole clan to the Saints game without her LOYAL companion...Dad. He had injured his back and he was unable to go. I was his reluctant replacement. After, making our way through want-to-be Saints fans in the " TAIL GATING" party we eventually made our way into the ALAMO Dome. I was excited to be there even though I didn't really act like it. We were on the 3rd level ...which means climbing stair after stair after stair after stair after stair..ect....ect...ect..... Anyways...thank goodness I went to the ladies room before I made it to my final destination ... the worse seat in the house. You can look at the pictures I have posted to see what I am talking about. After was all said and done...we had a good time..even though the game ended with the Saints was controversial.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Today or that day I was thankful for wearing good shoes.

Friday, October 14, 2005

This is the family at the Saints Football game. We literally are in the LAST row in the whole building we almost have the worst seats in the house... but... that belongs to the people next to Lyssa (Josh's girlfriend). They are in the farthest corner.

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Even though our seats SUCKED we did have a good time. I am taking the picture. It is hard to smile and take a good picture. Notice we are all in BLACK. Maybe we knew the outcome was going to be grim.
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I AM sitting down... you can see why I lost 5 pounds just climbing the stairs. THIS IS THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT. I was in a corner and if I looked straight down this was my view. Just to make sure you understand I am sitting in my seat taking this picture.
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This is my view from my seat. Notice I can't see the other goal post because of the VERY LARGE screen. This picture was taken before the game.
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

For those of you who don't know TODAY is the first game of the year for our San Antonio Rampage. I am so excited!!! I LOVE HOCKEY!!! Dad got Ken and my seats moved to right behind the penalty box for the opponent. BRING IT ON!!!! I can't wait. This year we have a whole new team which SUCKS because through our friend Serge Payer (sir-gay pi-ay or pie-ee) we got to know a lot of players. Our old affiliate was the Florida Panthers and apparently the panthers and the SA Spurs association couldn't get along so adios Florida Panthers and HELLO Phoenix Coyotes. We have a new group of guys to meet and get to know...maybe. Ken met Serge through his old job at the Bandit Golf Course and that is how they became friends. We don't really know anyone form this team except Brent Cullaton but it looks like he might stay on our farm team of Laredo. If you are confused .... Coyotes are the pros NHL---> we the Rampage are their farm team our guys can be called up to play with them or be sent down to ------> Laredo Bucks they are the farm team for us. Hope that helps a little.

Anyways the cool pictures were taken at the SBC center, where the Rampage play, for our season ticket holder party. Wayne Gretsky is the owner and coach of the Coyotes and he came to the party. As you can see Ken was VERy lucky to get a picture with him..... VERY LUCKY!! I honestly didn't see anyone else get a one on one picture with him. WAY TO GO KEN!!!! I on the other hand got my picture taken with a local sports caster named Don Harris or as I call him Donna Harris. This guy thinks he is the best sports caster EVER....WHAT EVER!! I just took my picture with him as a joke. He never had anything to say about our hockey team in the past 2 years and now that "the Great One" Gretsky is here he is on him like a bee to honey. He was even asked one time why he doesn't report on hockey and he said " I don't know it and I don't plan on learning it"...Our town is Spurs Spurs Spurs.....not enough room for something else unless Gretsky is here. All of the local news crews were there and they never say a word about the Rampage ever. I hope they stay around a while and see how fun and exciting the game can be. ANYWAYS thought I might write a little something because I have been gone for a while.

I am doing fine... I started Wt, Watchers Thursday night. I will update the blog on my progress with pictures and what nots. I will also update the blog on good pics I can get from our great seats....THANKS DAD!!!

Today I am Thankful for..... HOCKEY
sounds a little trivial but it is my release. I look forward to it and Ken and I both enjoy it soooo much. My dad got me hooked...get it hooked...ha ha on it when I was little. We loved to watch the Penguins and Mario. THanks DAD!!!

Meg and Don Harris
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Ken and Wayne Gretsky
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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Try Again Later

Ok so I guess I got my hopes up. Even after trying to keep my emotions under control, it still got the best of me. I am the best at fooling myself.... if that makes sense. Last Friday, I had my bloodwork done and my progesterone levels came back at a 14. We would like to have it at a 20 but my nurse, Diana, said that anything in the -teens is good. This kind of set me back, I thought for sure with the IUI and 2 good follicles everything would be ok. Well, my hopes of getting a big fat POSITIVE were quickly shattered this morning. The worse part was holding it in all day. I tried to tell my teaching buddies but got a little teary eyed (that is very common these days... for those of you that know me pretty well I don't cry so easily BUT now I cry at commercials.... what a sissy.) Ken was off today and being the best hubby in the world he brought me some medicine to school ( I have been fighting off a sinus infection...imagine that, I go back to school and get sick... I AM LITERALLY ALLERGIC TO MY JOB) Anyways I tell him and he was very sweet about it..." you can still go get your bloodwork taken tomorrow, right?" I told him I would call my Dr. to see if I need to or not. He left and I was OK... really I was pretty strong today. OK FAST FORWARD TO END OF SCHOOL >>>>>>>>>>> I am on my way home and call DR. who tells me NO I don't have to go for a blood test tomorrow because we already know what the answer is. After hanging up I guess my head couldn't take it anymore and I just let the flood gates go. AND wouldn't you know I hit every single STOP LIGHT... I only have 3 between my house and school BUT I hit every one of them. Ok so now I am at my mom and dad's and Ken, Mom, Josh, and Lisa (josh's girlfriend) left for Austin for Josh's car race. My dad came home from work to be with me... VERY SWEET!!! He asked if I had called anybody or if I had blogged yet...I thought that was funny that he asked if I had blogged it yet. So here I am...

Ken and I have decided to take a break from all of this and we'll see how things go. We need a break!!!

On a brighter note... I have a wonderful class this year. Even though, I really am allergic to my school...we all are... I feel like this year will be a good year.

Another thing is tomorrow is Friday and every teacher knows that Friday is the best day of the week. I have a wedding on Saturday and will rest and relax Sunday with Ken.

TODAY I am grateful for the men in my life... (here come the tears)

First my brother who greeted me at the door with a big hug and a comforting embrace.
Second my dad who took off from work just so I wouldn't be home alone.
and finally my hubby
who doesn't always have the words BUT definitely has this little way of making me feel special.
I love them all!

Thanks to all of you too for all your words of encouragement and prayers. Don't despair just because we are on break from baby making doesn't mean that we are ceasing the blog. I will keep you updated on all things in our life from the absolute boring to the extremely boring.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

IUI oh my!!!

OK so I didn’t want to update this thing because my last blood work came back at a level 6. Remember, that we want the level to be at a 20 or higher. I was very upset and devastated by this news and was on the brink of just giving up. After some ice-cream and shopping I was back to a somewhat normal level of functioning and went to Dr. Garza on cycle day 5. I had to have an ultrasound because my progesterone level was soooo low and they thought that I might have an ovarian cyst AGAIN!!! I was really scared during the ultrasound because I knew if a cyst was found that meant another surgery. To my surprise, no cysts were found and I was put on triple doses of Clomid… again. I had to go back on cycle day 12, yesterday, for an ultrasound to see if I had any viable follicles (they are good cysts containing the eggs before they are released). Mom and I went in yesterday and I was very nervous… I kept asking myself what if there are no eggs? What if there are too many eggs? In order to have a “GOOD” result I had to have 1-4 follicles larger than 18mm. I went back to the sonogram room and as the procedure began the sweet nurse said ( and I quote), “WOW, I see one already!” YIPPPEEEEE!!!! I actually have 3 follicles but only 2 count because the 3rd one is not greater than 18 so it isn’t viable. I was elated. I went back into the waiting room and shared the GREAT news with mom and then waited to be called back into the examining room. When I was finally called back, mom went with me. The nurse came in with a syringe of HcG. HcG is a hormone that will stimulate the viable follicles to rupture and release the eggs into the fallopian tubes. Before she gave me the shot, she asked if I was scheduled for my IUI. IUI ( InterUterine Insemination) …. I was confused because this was never discussed. I didn’t know it was an option. I was excited but reserved. After a brief discussion with the check out nurse about the cost, I scheduled the IUI Ken and I had already decided that this month was going to be the last month that we try using artificial means like meds and ultrasounds because it has really taken a toll on my health…mental and physical. I basically need a break from this emotional rollercoaster. We felt that the IUI was our last chance this summer…not ever but for right now. We felt that if we left it up to natural means and we didn’t get pregnant that we would always think WHAT IF? And by going ahead with the IUI we upped our chances of getting pregnant especially because I have 2 follicles. SOOOOOO This morning, at 7:45 am, Ken and I went in for our IUI.

The procedure is pretty quick and painless. You can go to this link to read about the procedure. OR you could just keep reading and I will give you my version of this procedure. OR you could do both. In college I did AI (artificial insemination) on cows and I never imagined that I would have to have one....soooo what I am trying to say is I know what I am talking about.... warning some of the scientific terms used below are just that... scientific. I don't use the fluffy cute names for private parts I just say it like it is.
It basically is a direct deposit of strong, good sperm into the back of the uterus. This increases the chances of pregnancy because the sperm directly bypass the the most hazardous part of their journey… the VAGINA. I know my mom is saying did you have to make it all caps…. YES mom it adds to the fertility humor. LOVE YOU MOM….. ok back to the procedure. Most of the sperm are killed or unable to make it up the vagina and past the cervix into the uterus. In fact, in a normal deposit, there are millions of sperm cells but only thousands make it to the uterus and only hundreds make it to the fallopian tubes. In an IUI, the Dr. takes only the strongest most motile sperm and places them in a syringe with a long flexible catheter and deposits over a million sperm cells directly into the uterus. You can see how your chances are better but not guaranteed…. IUI only has about a 26% success rate. We are hopeful but are not getting too excited .. I go back next Friday for blood work to check progesterone levels and then I go the next Friday for a pregnancy test.

Ken and I wanted to thank every body for their well wishes and prayers. We especially want to thank our parents for helping us with the Farley Baby Fund. We love you all so much.

Today I am grateful for my mother.

Usually we are at odds with each other but lately we have really become a lot closer. We took a glass bead making class together and she often goes to my dr appointments with me when Ken or Dad can’t go. She is very supportive through my mood swings and frequent outbursts of tears. I wanted to say thank you for all you have done, Mom, and I hope this blog didn’t let out TMI. She is always my proofreader or should I say censor for this Blog. Thanks again MOM!!!!.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Leaving San Antonio and thought I would take a picture of the tower. OFF WE GO TO CORPUS!
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Ken driving to Corpus to see his cousin get married. We joined almost his entire family down there for this celebration IT WAS FUN!!!
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This was the veiw from our room.
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This was the view from the back of the hotel...when you enter the beach. This picture was taken about 8:00 am. Very peaceful that time in the morning.
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This is probably the record holder for the BIGGEST hermit crab alive. The shell was bigger than Ken's hand and the crab was not shy as you can see. He also had shell mates because there were baby blue crab living inside his shell too. The white blob in the picture is an oyster.
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We saw this one while walking on the jetty. It soon had buddies. THere were jellyfish everywhere.
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This was a common sight to see while walking the beach. Our whole trip I bet we saw over 100 stranded jellyfish. This is the cabbage kind.
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We went to the new Whataburger Field. Corpus Christi is home to Whataburger. This field is home to the new Astros farm team the Hooks. The gift shop was called Hook Line and Sinker...which we thought was very clever. We didn't go to a game but wanted to see this field and it is AWESOME!
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THere were a lot of one way streets where we were staying BUT I still had Ken drive around in a few circles just so we could get a picture of this ... from far away I thought it was a mosaic BUT it is spray paint. OH WELL!!!
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Sight seeing...Ken and I saw these electrical boxes (we think) painted at every corner... this was one of our favorites.
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On our way to the lobby of the Hotel... this is me taking a picture of US in the elevator....doesn't Ken look excited. We are sooooo cute!!!
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