Friday, April 24, 2009


Sunday, April 05, 2009

More court pics

At our hotel before leaving for the court!!!

Paw Paw giving Drew zerberts!!! I think he likes it!!!

In court with our Judge!!! Wanted to know if we have signed him up for the UT football team yet???!!!???

Right after the finalization hearing. The Judge gave Drew a bear!!! HE LOVES IT!!!

Drew's been doing really good!!! he has 2 teeth now (on the bottom middle). He gets VERY VERY cranky when they first break through the gums but we give him a cold wash cloth to chew on and he is fine. Because of his teething he has not been sleeping very well. He will usually go to bed between 9-10 at night and would usually sleep the night through...BUT... while teething he is waking up at 2 or 3... OH well Ken and I take turns on who gets up with him. Ken changed his schedule and now he is off twice during the week. He really loves being home with Drew. They have movie day, where they watch movies together. I think Drew has now seen ALL of the Star Wars movies at least LEAST!!! It is super cute!!! Drew has a new favorite song.. it is by Zac Brown Band...called Chicken Fried... if he is fussy just play this song and he will calm down... there is another song he likes by Jason Mraz called I'm Yours... he falls asleep to this one!!! Drew is eating 3 meals a day and gets 4oz of juice a day... in between he still gets his bottles. He loves bananas!!!! He also loved sweet potatoes but his little booty broke out in a rash and so no more sweet potatoes... He does NOT AT ALL like rice cereal so we have him on oatmeal. Next week he gets to try carrots... YUMMY!!! At the last Dr. visit he weighed in at 18 pounds and was 27 inches long. He is still a chunky monkey. the Dr. is always amazed how strong he is!!!! Everything checked out average or above average. He is beginning to crawl... backwards... but crawling. He can also sit for a VERY long time on his own. He is working on going from laying down to sitting up... he almost has it!!!! He loves to read books and loves to pet the dogs.... ok more like grab and hang on to the dogs.... the dogs are so sweet and just kinda look at us like HELP!!!! He knows how to stomp like and elephant (it's a song) and will pound his feet like a stomp... he can also make a motorboat noise if asked what does a motorboat say!!! I am so enjoying this time right now... Oh YEAH almost forgot... he will throw a little fit if he doesn't get what he wants or if you take something away that he was grabbing... like Itty Bitty's Tail!!! He wouldn't let go and finally we got her loose from his strong grip and he threw a fit... kinda funny!!! I think I have covered everything... he is getting fussy in his bouncer so I better go!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009