Monday, January 26, 2009


Every season our "everyday" tree changes and I just got done with our Valentine Tree. I leave a tree up ALL year because ...

1~ it is fun
2~ I like decorating it

4~ another excuse to go shopping...

Anyways as you can see Drew was a BIG help!!!

This was one of Drew's Christmas gifts ( handmade blown glass sock monkey ornament)


it so much it will be on the tree ALL year!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drew got some Rodeo DUDs from his Nana and they are soooo cute...WE HAD TO SHARE!!!! He got his very own pair of COWBOY BOOTS!!! Here he is in his FIRST boots. THANKS NANA!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 months

It is hard to believe he is 4 months old. We recently went to his 4 month check up and here are his stats...

Weight is 15 pounds 14 ounces
Height is 25 inches

He is in the 75% for his head circumference and weight but in the 50% for his height. In other words he is a chunky monkey!!! He got 4 shots and everything else checked out fine. The doctor said he is very strong and is advanced in some of his milestones. He is still on formula but we can try cereal within the next few weeks. Drew can roll over from his back to his front and can sometimes... when he is in the mood... roll from his front to his back. He focuses on objects and for the majority can grasp them pretty well. He can also hold his head up from his tummy position very well. He likes to go from laying down to standing when we go to pick him up.. AND .. now he likes to drink sitting up and not laying down.

We took him for his check up on Tuesday but by Wednesday I noticed a runny nose and by Friday it was thick and crusty. We took him in Friday and they said he has a cold. They said we are doing everything we can possibly do .. it just has to run its course which is 7 - 10 days. His lungs were clear and his ears were fine... just bunches of boogers. We spray infant saline drops in his nose after nap time and if he has major snot bubbles we siphon it out with and infant nose sucker thingy... HE HATES THAT...doesn't mind the drops BUT HATES THE SUCKER!!! He is eating fine and since Tuesday's check up gained a few ounces because he is now 16 pounds 2 ounces. As of today he is doing better no crusties to report just clear runny nose. He gave me his cold so I too had to go to the Dr. yesterday but I also have a sinus infection so I got lots of meds and I already feel better. WE are keeping our fingers crossed Ken doesn't get it.

Funny thing at the Dr. ~ The pediatrician who we love bunches asked if Ken and I had any history of asthma and I began saying that yes both of us had asthma as kids and then it dawned on me and Ken ... OH Yeah... he's adopted.. Our Dr. laughed because he knew this too but it was funny... we have all had a good laugh at that.

Well I think that is about it. We have been relaxing at home and not going out as much because of the severe changes in weather HOT FREEZING HOT FREEZING... not good on a baby or sick momma...It has been nice to relax at home.

Hope your New Year is going well. Sending OUR love~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Part 1


I have had to break this into 2 parts because we have done SOOOO much just in the past few weeks and it is only Christmas Eve. Drew is napping right now so I thought that I might share our DECEMBER so far with you through pictures. It has been very VERY VERY busy!!!! We hope that your Holidays are MERRY & BRIGHT!!!! We send you ALL of our love!!!!

The first weekend in December, we went to the AIM Adopted Family Christmas Party, in Houston. It was so much fun to meet up with all of our friends that we made through the agency. All of our friends, except one, have been blessed and have new babies. The picture above is of Drew with 2 of my friend's children. Their mom, Marlene, is the one that recommended AIM to us. Both of those cuties were a blessing from God and AIM!!!!

Nana and Pops wanted a Christmas card with ALL of the grandbabies. Drew was the only one that would cooperate.

The second weekend in December we traveled to Austin for a Cousin's wedding. The ceremony was outside and here is Nana and Pops with Drew... waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Drew stayed in his car seat, during the ceremony, because the wind started to pick up and it got chilly. He didn't mind though. Look how cute he is waiting for the ceremony to be over so we can go inside and EAT!!!!

Once we got inside Drew loved staring at all of the lights. It was really pretty. I LOVE this picture of us.

This is Ken with his cousin Leighton (Drew's middle name)... Leighton is holding his daughter.... Raeleigh and Ken is holding Drew. Great picture of the back of Drew's head.

Here's a better picture of the sleeping baby!!!

The sleeping didn't last too long ~ as soon as we were back at the hotel he woke up. I got this great shot of him laughing.

Drew had his first Christmas at Nana and Pops house. It was on the 16th because they were heading to Santa Fe for Christmas. Drew is too little to do that yet. He can see snow when he gets older. This is him with his FIRST gift!!! it was from Nana and it is a twilight turtle. It projects the constellations onto the ceiling BUT is soft and cuddly for the bed. VERY CUTE!!! Drew likes to look at lights so it was the perfect 1st gift!!!

Friday the 19th, it was Ken and my turn to throw the Christmas Bunco party for all of our friends. Nana let us have it at her house and she watched Drew. It was a blast.

Drew came out to see everyone!!! Here... is my good friend Therese giving him love. He is in his favorite PJs and is ready to go home!!!

On the 20th we had an ANNUAL Party at the White's House. Every year they throw a HUGE party. Here is Drew with our VERY good friend Shawna at that party.

Ken's dad has been ill lately, with his heart, and recently got out of the hospital. We went out to his place in Elmendorf, TX to visit. Grandpa Everett was soo happy to see Drew. Drew even took a nap on his G-Pa!!! This is Everett's first grandbaby!!!

This is a great picture of Grandma Maggie and Grandpa Everett with Drew. We had a good time seeing them. It was raining and cold so Drew didn't get to see G-Pa's cows they were in the back pasture BUT maybe next time.

As you can see we have been very BUSY!!!! Some other things to tell you about are and on part 2 you might see are.... my grandmother from Mississippi is here for the Holidays. She is so excited to share it with her 2 new great grand sons. Drew and I baked a cake... we call it Drew's Dump Cake... YUM!!!! we took it over for dessert last night and it was a HIT!!! My mother broke 2 ribs after falling off a ladder dusting a high shelf. She is unable to carry anything over 5 pounds so no pictures of her with Drew will be seen. She is doing fine... We are moving Christmas Breakfast from my house to hers so she doesn't have to move around too much. Anyways that is all I have right now and can you believe he is still napping!!! I will post more after Christmas!!! HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!