Sunday, May 30, 2010

this is my 1st time to post something for a blog party

hope you try out our recipe!!!

We call this family favorite....
Enchilada Chicken Roll
I stole the recipe from Pampered Chef but we TWEAKED it a little to fit our VERY picky tastes!!!

set your oven to the temp shown on the croissant can

first~ gather ALL of your ingredients
2 cans of all white chicken DRAINED WELL
1 can of Rotel DRAINED WELL (we get mild so Drew can eat it but the HOT is good too)
1-2 cups of shredded cheese (whatever you like and we like ours real cheesy so we use 2 cups)
2-5 crushed handfuls of some type of chips (we use Tostitos or Doritos (cool ranch is BEST))
2 cans of croissant rolls (we get reduced fat to make it a little healthier)
AND the Pampered Chef baking stone Or a large cookie sheet
1 large mixing bowl

you can also add jalapenos, red or green peppers, onions, and/or cooked ground beef instead of chicken

Put all the ingredients EXCEPT the chips into your mixing bowl and mix well!!!
Make sure you and your helper have washed your hands!!!
Remember you should have drained the Rotel and chicken...if you forgot try to drain out some of the liquid now and you will have to use more chips in the next step.

I used these chips (found at Costco) because I like the ranch flavor!!!
Get about 2 huge handfuls and crunch the chips over your mixing bowl.
If your mixture is runny you might need more.

Should look like this...don't crunch too much you need big pieces to soak up most of the liquid while it's baking...

Stir it again... ok I know this pic is from the earlier mixing BUT it is so cute i could not leave it out!
OH and make sure your helper has plenty of bottles on hand...being a helper is HARD work!!!
look at that concentration

Make sure everything is mixed well!!! and put aside

open one can of croissants and lay them out on your baking stone like this
i try to find the straight edge and make sure they all face the same way

now open the other can and lay them out the same way except you are laying them in the spaces between your previously laid dough look at pic carefully

once you have them laid out start smooshing the middle part so that they stick and blend together

this is what it looks like after a big sun

get a giant spoonful of the mixture in your hand and smash form a cylinder shape see pic

lay it on the ring where you smooshed it together....keep doing this until you have made a ring of mixture see pic

you will use the WHOLE mixture don't be shy the mixture ring is actually pretty high...
after I make a ring I take the extra left over mixture and fill in where there are gaps or it is uneven...USE IT ALL!!!

once you have used ALL of your mixture...start folding over your triangles... i take the top layer first... pull it up and over and smoosh it into the inner middle part trying to make it stick to the inner middle part of the dough ring

keep doing this...when you finish with the top layer go to the bottom layer and when you are done it should look like the above sure to smoosh the middle part in so it won't break apart when it bakes... now it is time to stick it in the oven....

I double the cooking time on the croissant can and I look at the dough too....if the dough is not browned I leave it in 5 more minutes... the very top of the roll should be crispy/crunchy brown... the hardest part to get baked is the inside middle part...when you cut it and you see it might still be doughy put it back in the oven for some more baking
we cut it with a very large pizza slicer and usually have a nice salad with it...
hope you try this easy recipe and ENJOY IT!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

my lazy aBernoon

Last weekend we went to Fredricksburg Trade Days. I had some success in finding some good junk BUT my best find was this little orange desk. I LOVED it at first sight. I had bought some rather large pieces and I wasn't sure this great desk could go home with me... BUT my darling Kenny made room for it and and I SNATCHED it right up!!! as you can see it makes the perfect desk for mr. drew... he loves to draw and look out the front window so we put the desk right in the middle of the window!!! and this is how i spent my lazy Saturday afternoon or aBernoon as drew would say!!!

last weekend

Yesterday we took a trip to Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair. I have been waiting for this to come to town for EVER!!!! Drew was not too excited to be there BUT he cooperated for the most part. This is a picture of me and bub at one of the booths... how funny that it is an Airstream... I think that is GENIUS!!!
Mia went with us. She helped out a lot with Drew. Mia and Drew looked at a lot of animal drawings and even picked out a surprise for Paw Paw!!! SHHHHH!!!!
That night we all went to a Silver Stars game... Mia is in a fan group called The Blues Sisters....they get the crowd going and dress in costume for EVERY GAME!!! too funny!!!

My favorite picture from this weekend is Drew finding a snail and wishing it Good Morn'n.... too cute!!! he always makes me smile...even when he is being a toot. He is my whole heart (ok... there is room for Ken and my family too but he takes up 99.99999999999%) and I thank my lucky stars that he does!!! I love him more than words can express!!! when I laid in bed at night and cried myself to sleep because I was unable to have children, i never dreamed I would be so blessed with Drew. I would do it ALL again ( surgeries and heart aches and sleepless nights) knowing my road would lead me to Drew!!!

Now we are heading off to Fredricksburg for trade days ...pic to come later!!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Catching Up!!!

I've been really bad about keeping up with the blog... I don't know it could be the stress at work. This has truly been the WORST year ever. I have been teaching for 9 years now and this year tops it all. It is not just my class either (which by the way i do have some really great kids)... my working environment isn't exactly all roses. It has been a MESS I am ready for a new year!!!! Summer can't come fast enough!!!!! Here are some lessons I have learned this year

1~ no more purchasing fund raiser items because you'll get accused of not paying even though you did and it was in front of 2 other teachers

2~ kids can wear what they want I DON'T CARE because when it's cold outside you can wear shorts and a t-shirt because I don't want a letter complaining I sent you in

3~ don't send emails out even if it is a CUTE picture of Drew wishing the faculty and staff Happy Valentine's Day because someone will turn you in to district office and you'll get a write up in your permenent record... note to self ... remember to write a thank you note to that person because I now know what I can and can't send out OH WAIT... they were annonymous (grow some balls)

4~ be sure to watch your back because someone has a knife and doesn't want you to take a position that you are VERY qualified for and they will do anything to keep you from it...refer to #3

5~ make sure your resume is OVER THE TOP because you want to make sure you get that interview for the JOB you really want and that you are VERY qualified for BUT wait #3 and #4 are on the committee to decide if you get an interview so JUST FORGET IT!!!

6~ even if your undergrad is PRE VET MEDICINE for large animals and you have over 24 hours of other sciences and were short 12 hours to minor in chemistry you still won't have enough science experience than 11 others that applied and got an interview...refer to #5

7~ don't forget you need a masters degree for that job... I DO.... BUT wait refer to #5

8~ when a student tells you they hate you DO NOT tell them there is a club for that on campus and they should join it because they will look for it

9~ when showing artic videos to your class be sure to preview it to the end because the walrus is the the gassious mammal on earth and it FARTS really loud and you will have to hear farting walrus noises ALL DAY!!!!

10~ oh and the kids can come to school without brushing teeth, putting on deo, taking a bath, and wearing soiled clothes because when you send them to the clinic discreetly and secretly GUESS what you'll get another angry complaint


10~ when you have a big BACKSTABBING KNIFE sticking out of your back.... your REAL friends and family will ALWAYS be there to help you out!!! and when you think it just can't get any worse there is always choir practice to make you feel better!!!!


here are a few things that have helped me stay out of the mental institute this year!!! SUMMER CAN'T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH!!!

family will always be there for you

FIESTA means that school is almost over and you only have to go to work 4 days
this was Drew last year at FIESTA what a difference a year makes

AND I LOVE to see Drew DANCE!!!! it makes me melt!!!

so to sum it up I must really LOVE teaching because I will be back next year and always look up for relief and guidance... AND family and friends always have your back!!!!