Thursday, April 04, 2013


The Easter Egg Hunt
at my grandma and grandpa's house
 poor baby... his pants were too big for the RUN
 so he took them off

my nephew...Kaleb 

 My brother and sister in law

 Drew and his great grandpa... he calls him G PA

 drew and his Paw Paw... they are BEST BUDS

 checking out what he got
 being crazy

 G Pa got the boys gliders... DO YOU SEE HIS PANTS FALLING OFF?

 drew and kaleb... they call each other buddy or bud
drew's posing faces

 Drew's favorite new thing is GHOST BUSTERS... the Easter Bunny found some vintage figures
YAY Easter Bunny

showing their muscles

drew and me

 trying to get a family pic... HA... look at Drew

my favorite pic...

 hope you guys had a great Easter :)