Sunday, August 09, 2009

11 months

Sunday, August 02, 2009

some pics

We've been staying cool the past few days... the heat is horrible... over 100 most of the time!!!
Anyways Ken and I go to this local place on Wednesday nights, with our great friends, and play a trivia game ... Mia and Popi watch Drew (thank you!!!!)... Well this last night WE WON!!!! 1st place and we got a 25$ gift card so you know where we'll be this Wednesday!!! it's so fun!!!

Rachel (my boss from BYH) and her friend Amanda were on our team... Fabulousity!!!

Ken and I being goofy!!!

This is Brian and JP on the other team ... which I canNOt name on here!!!! SHAME SHAME!!!

Shawna, LeeAnn, and Krystal finish out the other team!!! They came in 3rd WHOO HOO!!! It was lots of fun!!! Won't be able to do it much longer with school starting soon!!!

Today, we went to the Bass Pro Shop... Drew loved it... he liked looking at all of the "stuffed" animals and really liked all of the fish tanks!!!!