Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ok so it has been a while since we or should I say I have added details to our blog. Well we are back and we are adopting. After lots and lots of hopes and heartaches, ups and downs, Ken and I have decided to go ahead and adopt. Ken has been in this place (adopting) for awhile but I was in the " one more time" phase. Well after our surrogate pulled out we are on the pathway to adopt and I finally feel happy. I haven't been happy...truly happy in a long time and this is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

We started our adoption journey just a month ago. It started with an attempt to privately adopt with an attorney but that didn't work out like we would have liked. I always think things happen for a reason and this was obviously not for us. Well I started looking into several agencies... we are adopting domestically (USA) not overseas... and I found one through a friend of my mom's. It is called Alternatives in Motion and it is located in Houston. We turned in our application last Monday and began our wait. We were expecting to wait for several weeks to several months for the next step... orientation. Well Saturday we got our invitation to attend orientation MARCH 27th OH MY!!! That is in just a little over a week. We are very excited to already be invited and will be driving to Houston next week.

At orientation we find out a little more about the whole process, sign up for our social worker visits, and complete more paperwork. After all the paperwork and social worker home visits and payments for various things...we will go into "the pile." The pile is my phrase for the stack of prospective adoptive families that birth moms get to go through in search for their "perfect family." I really have no idea how long it will take until we are in the pile but we plan on keeping everyone updated.

Next update will probably be after our trip.


Anonymous said...

Mags and Ken I am so excited for you (not excited because of all the heartache and ups and downs) but excited that the future family growing is exciting!