Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not finished

I was at a point in my life ... not too long ago... that I thought I would never get to design my baby's nursery. Through adoption my dream ... OUR DREAM... of becoming parents is going to come true. We started decorating the nursery. Since we have no clue boy or GIRL... we have to keep it neutral. After A LOT of debate we finally decide on Disney Grass Green and the trim is in Disney Once Upon a Time White. Ken put the crib together and we got our hutch from an antique store. All the furniture is going to be antique black (distressed) we pick up the dresser tomorrow... it too came from the antique store. The hutch... as you can see is full of sock monkeys we have already received. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I already moved the furniture again and we will put more pictures up when we get the nursery done. THANKS again to all of you that have sent us your sock monkeys. They really fill the room with LOVE!!!!


mereburk said...

Very cute nursery Meghan! Love it!

jenjen said...

OMG - it's adorable!!! You're so jazzy - I love it! We'll mail "Loula" the sock monkey soon! Love you guys! Jenny