Saturday, October 04, 2008

Market Day Trip

Today was Drew's first trip to Wimberley, TX. We went to Market Days!!! Paw Paw drove and we met our REALLY GOOD friend Sarah. We got there about 8:30 and left around I don't even remember!! :) Before noon .. I think...Here are some pics to remember his first trip to Market Days... Ken pushing the new stroller. Drew is inside. Ken pushed it most of the day... I like to call him the baby hog because he loves Drew so much he hogs him all the time. I also think Ken just liked pushing the stroller.
Pic of Drew chill-n- inside his new stroller. He slept most of the time.
He woke up because he was hungry & hot. It was really cool in the morning BUT got a little hot in the afternoon. We had a bottle and a costume change BUT he still was cranky for the rest of the trip.
We found a bench in the shade and tried to calm him down. Ken took over and our friend, Sarah, is helping out. This little place also had a nice breeze and he finally settled down.
A sliver of sun found him. I thought this picture was precious. AND YES MOM... immediately after I took the pic we adjusted him so he was not in the sun!!!
After this picture we put him back in the stroller and headed out. We stopped for some fresh Kettle Corn and a few other favorite booths and then left in a hurry. He slept all the way home. Overall it was a pretty good trip. It is always nice to meet up with Sarah. AND Drew got compliments ALL day. Apparently he is cute!!! Like I didn't know that. :)


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