Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just an update

Drew can now:

~roll over completely and continuously

~eat cereal (doesn't like it too much)

~sit up on his own

~follow fast moving objects like dogs running

~smile because it is funny NOT because he has gas

~he lifts his legs up for us to change his diaper and lowers them for us to fasten the diaper on (SMART BOY!!)

~he can grab objects that are medium to large size but is working on grabbing small objects

~he can hold his own small bottle when he is not too tired

~he sleeps through the night (has since he was about 2 months maybe younger)

~he drinks 6 oz. of formula at a time and doesn't want to stop to burp

~he is getting more hair

~he has found his feet and likes to chew or suck on his toes

~he LOVEs chewing on things... we think he is teething but I haven't felt any teeth yet

~he reaches for whomever he wants to go to

~he plays this hugging game with Ken.. Ken will give him bear hugs and then Drew will lean in and make the same sound on Ken... really quite CUTE...I'll try to record it

~he has lots of girlfriends... all of our friends had baby girls so he has his pick of about 3 babies his own age and a few older ladies too ( all of our friends' girls fight over him when we go out... it is funny ... we have put them on a rotation schedule so they don't literally fight over him... they want to sit next to him or feed him a bottle (with help of course)) ... He's already a LADIES MAN!!!

~he gets frustrated when he doesn't get his way

~he fights going to sleep ... he wants to stay up and watch and listen to everything... at night we have to turn everything off and then he will go to sleep

~he will ALWAYS calm down when he hears.. All I Want To Do by Sugarland or Chicken Fried by the Zak Brown Band ... needless to say they are in our phones, cars, and at Mia and Paw paw's

~he is going to his first birthday party today!!!! I'll take pictures!!!

Needless to say he has been busy learning and growing. We are so VERY blessed to have him in our lives. We are enjoying every minute of it... literally... even when he cries and throws a fit I look at him and think how lucky I am to finally be a MOM... the one thing I have prayed for the most...and his fits don't bother me... I soak them up and love him even more. I love my life and thank everybody that has helped us along the way. We truly love all of y'all more than words can say!!!

BY THE that not the CUTEST picture EVER!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009