Saturday, May 02, 2009

Ok so tonight I sat here, at my computer, and I was having my daily panic with the SWINE FLU thingy going around... oh excuse me H1N1 flu... i call it the flying piggy flu.... anyways I was sitting there looking at Drew and thinking about this flu thing. For days it has made me sick... I DON'T HAVE IT... and no one I know has it.... I literally have made myself sick worrying over it. I have an industrial sized bottle of hand sanitizer at school ( my 3rd graders call it hand-a-tizer.. so now I call it that too), I have a big container of Clorox wipes, and numerous personal size handatizers. My 3rd graders wipe their desk and chair as soon as they come in in the morning and right after lunch. Whenever they leave the room they must use the handatizer before coming back in... up to their elbows because that is where we cough and sneeze now. CAN YOU TELL I HAVE GONE MAD!!???!!!

Well tonight I was thinking about it again and then WHAP!!! I thought about a friend of mine... his sister and I played soccer together and now his sister and I have reconnected through our BLOGS!!! OK... so I was thinking about the flying piggy flu and then BAM!!!... ALEX popped into my head. Tonight I know God was telling me get over it (flying pig flu) your being selfish. I started to think about Alex again.

Alex has battled a rare form of heart cancer 2 times successfully and now is battling it again but this time it is inoperable. Through his sister's BLOG and Facebook I have been keeping up with his story. Through Facebook a lot of friends from high school got together and held a fundraiser for Alex and his family in Austin. Ken and I were unable to make it because Ken ended up working late that night. Since that day, I have felt like I should do something... maybe it is donate... maybe it is to spread his story... I am not sure. Right now, I am thinking that I am going to put some of my art projects on and whatever I make from them I will donate to his foundation. I would love for others to do the same. I am going to contact someone about designing a little Blog tag that fellow bloggers can add to the side of their blog so others can donate or just read about Alex's story!!!

I am in the thought process right now.... it is after all, 1:00 in the morning and Ken and I are taking shifts trying to get Drew to sleep. I know some of you that follow my blog are artsy and know more people that are artsy, if we all get together and put our stuff on Etsy or something and then spread the word through Blogging this might become a big deal and we could do some real good!!!! Let me know what you guys think..... In the mean time here are some links....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go check them out... it puts a face to my story!!!


Kari Johansen said...

Ahh, thank you. Our family has been so moved by how much people care about Alex. I KNOW good will come out of his struggle. BTW, Jenn Smith Cross and I were so sad you weren't able to make the benefit, you were one of the people we were really looking forward to seeing.

Tabby said...

Hi Meghan! Just popped over to your blog to check up on you. Glad to see that Drew is doing well. I see you are still using my blog design too! Yeah. Shoot me an email when you can please, I've lost your address.