Monday, June 08, 2009

He's napping and I'm updating

This week I am officially on vacation BUT I am in mandatory workshops til Wednesday so SUMMER BEGINS WEDNESDAY!!!!

We have had a momma bird make a nest in our bird house on our porch and the babies keep jumping out. Drew, the dogs, and I go out there as much as possible to make sure they aren't on the ground and put them back in the house...this is ok if you do it quickly... the momma bird usually is right by the bird house when I pick them up and put them back in and she immediately feeds them so I am sure she hasn't rejected them...her nest building techniques are questionable if you ask me??!!?? The babies are too cute though....

Last weekend we went to visit Grandpa Everett and Grandma Maggie on their farm... Drew saw cows for the first time. He wanted to pet them but got licked instead it was funny. It was really sweet how all the baby cows came to the fence to see him... Grandpa Everett had fun showing Drew his garden....IT WAS A GREAT SUNDAY AFTERNOON!!!

On Saturday, we went to Market Days...Drew got hot and a little fussy FUSSY....soooo....Paw Paw took him to the covered patio to sit under the fans and to listen to some guitar playing and singing!!! HE LOVED IT!!! He tapped his hands on his knees and stared at the gentleman singing... he finally cooled off and had a drink of bottle and we decided to head out...He didn't want to leave... you can see the frown on his face when we left the pavilion.

Every weekend we have been going to my in-law's house to go swimming. Drew loves it. I like to swim too... their pool is perfect!!! It is totally shaded by 5:30 and therefore I don't have to SLATHER Drew in sunscreen he just gets one coat!!! I have had skin cancer so I am a little addicted to SUNSCREEN!!! JUST A LITTLE!!! (sarcasm)