Sunday, September 13, 2009

CrAzY Last Few Days!!!

Well it has been a very CrAzY week and a half.... last Wednesday I went in for my "girly dr." annual visit and ended up having to have surgery last Friday to remove an ovarian cyst the size of a VERy large orange!!! While my Dr. was in there he found some other "unwanted things" aka endometriosis and a few more cysts and a blocked tube .... sooooo needless to say surgery was a LOT longer than planned. I ended up not going back to work until this past Thursday BUT probably should have taken off the whole week!!! I can't drive or pick up anything over 5 pounds for 1 more week.

Well on Tuesday ( Drew's Birthday).. Drew and I went to Camp Paw Paw ( my dad watches Drew and that is what we call it... AND mom retired so she is now his assistant ;) WELL.... Drew started to run fever... so my poor parents had 2 sickos on their hands.... Drew's fever wouldn't go down...soo off we went to his Dr. They said a virus is going around and to just keep doing what we were doing and it shouldn't last for over 3 days. Mom and dad were so WONDERFUL... remember I couldn't hold him... they would give him baths and showers to get his fever to break and we were giving Tylenol every 4 hours. Still he had fever Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Mom took him back to the Dr. on Thursday just to be sure he was still ok... again ... it's a virus it has to run it's course. Fever broke Thursday afternoon and was gone!!! YIPPEE!!! BUT yesterday after his HUGE party... I was giving him a bath and he had a rash ALL over his back and tummy and little butt... we thought reaction to a shirt I had put on him (I hadn't washed it yet) but then I remember seeing a friend of mine post on her BLOg that her daughter had a rash after a few days of fever and it was called Roseola... Nana (Ken's mom) looked it up on the computer and sure enough he matched it to a tee!!! I called ask a nurse and they agreed with our diagnosis... BUT then I was scared we had infected all of his BDAY guests.... come to find out it is MOST contagious before he even gets fever.. so he was contagious during the Labor Day weekend when we saw no little ones... the nurse said he is no longer contagious when the rash appears. WHEWWWW I was really worried that our tiny guest (we had over 20 kids at his party) took home a PARTY FAVOR that they wouldn't like. Well this morning he woke up and the rash looks a little better. the good thing is it doesn't itch or cause any other symptoms. The WORSE is over. So as you can tell we have had a VeRy CrAzY past few days BUT we are ALL recuperating just fine and we are fixing to head out to celebrate Ken's BDAY!!! I will post BDAY PARTY pics later.... i left my camera at Nana's house!!!