Sunday, November 08, 2009

We have been busy like usual...seems like we never get a weekend just to sit and do nothing. Drew is doing great. The best way I could think of sharing his new things is to make a list soooo here it goes....

Food ~ LOVES hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, pasta, and apples

Hates ~ carrots

Drinks~ LOVES milk, juice, and tea (thanks to Paw Paw)
hates ~ Sodas (one day he INSISTED that the drink I was drinking was tea and he wanted some soooo to his surprise it was Sprite and he SPIT it out!!!!)
Words ~ Dad -oh, mommy, me, tea, juice, Dori, Izzy (for Itty Bitty), NO, tank u (thank you), dog,
light, two, B, octo (octopus), ellllllla (elephant), up, down, out, fower (flower), Daisy, eyes, nose, ear, ouch (he says this when he pulls my hair), uh oh, moo, bubble, hi, tiger, on, off, eat, and I am sure there are more I just can't think of them right now....

Book ~ Rainbow Fish

Show ~ Baby Can Read tapes & Miss Spider & Yo Gabba Gabba

Song ~ Smile by Uncle Kracker & still All I Wanna Do by Sugarland... oh and he does enjoy dancing to Boom Boom Pow By Black Eye Peas

Toys ~ Drawing Board, flash cards with words on it, his talking piggy bank, & his Race Car Truck that he can ride

He loves going outside and looking at Paw Paws fish or to go on walks.... and he LOVES to walk on his own too.

He loved going to the playgroud the other day but wanted to walk around rather than slide or swing.... Pictures were taken there.

He is growing fast... size 5 shoe and size 12 - 18 months for clothes

His hair is finally filled in and it is dark brown... his eyes are still greyish!!!
We get compliments on him ALL the time... so handsome, so cute, adorable, and he LOVES it...he flirts at pretty girls and grins and shrugs his shoulders... such a ham!!!

I think I have covered everything... if there is something you are curious about let me know in the comments section and I will let you know!!!

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Hello your baby is soo sweet adorable can u plizz comment my blog. My blog is .....