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just an update

LONGGG time since I last excuses just really haven't had much to talk about... or take pictures of... I do have one excuse... my class this year is challenging to say the LEAST... they wear me out!!! so between them and chasing a toddler around when I get home I don't have much time for blogging... Ken is up in the living room with Drew right now to give me some time to post!!!

I knew I hadn't taken pictures of him in a long time ( since New Years... long time for me... my family calls me Momma-razzi after the paparazzi that stalk celebrities... I kinda like it) Anyways... I set up an impromptu photo shoot in his room. He likes to go in there and play... that is where all of these pics were taken. Where ever he is the puppies are there too so I took their pictures as well. At least tried!! Dori did a good job posing BUT Merriweather (AKA Itty Bitty) was hyper as usual and I only got a real close-up... still cute though!!!

In the picture above, he is looking at his new radio. For Christmas, we got him a radio for his bedroom. It takes IPODs or IPHONES so I gave him my old phone and Daddy downloaded all kinds of music to it. He listens to his music when we lay him down for a nap or night night. He still LOVES the song Chicken Fried but also likes Smile by Uncle Kracker (one of my FAVES too)!!!

This is the one and only Itty Bitty... she LOVES her Drew. They wrestle together at night and by wrestling I mean Itty Bitty goes limp while Drew lifts her up or rolls on top of her!!! She is REALLY good with him and gives him LICKS any chance she gets!!! Itty Bitty also has to be in the bathroom during bath time!!! It is a must!!! not because Drew wants her in there BUT she wants in there and will scratch at the door until I let her in!!!

This is Dori... She also LOVES Drew!!! She goes and checks on him during the night while he is sleeping in his crib. YES Drew finally is sleeping in his own room in a crib!!! It took us over a year to finally put him in his own room... I was nervous about it. BUT with a camera in there and a monitor right by my head I am a little more at ease. AND since Dori checks on him at night too I am getting use to it!!! The only thing is if Drew's hand, foot, head, or just about anything is close enough for Dori to lick through the railing of the crib, she will and sometimes he will wake up!!! Drew and Dori also make a great pair at dinner time... Drew will hand off things to her that he doesn't want to eat... AND since Dori is SOOO tall he doesn't even have to reach down. She LOVES it too!!!

By the end of my photshoot... oh about 10 minutes after it started... this is Drew laying on the floor looking up at me... HE LOVES to put that hand in his mouth... It really is a bad habit we are trying to break him of. Any time he gets the slightest bit excited he will stick it in there and BITE down... i am not quite sure how he doesn't hurt himself but he keeps doing it. He is getting better about it because we will say NO HAND and he will sometimes pull it out!!! Guess it is one of his quirks!!

OK so this is one of my favorites that I got!!! Man he is growing up fast... He amazes us everyday at how smart and funny he can be!!! He can read about 25-30 words some of them include... dog, cat, elephant, octopus, Drew, baby, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, rabbit, yes, no, hi, wave, bubble, hair, and much more. He loves to eat green beans and mandarin oranges with every meal. He calls all birds DUCK no matter what!!! He wants to eat duck but means chicken. When you ask him what do you want to eat ... usually you get hot dog or duck!!! He can make the noises of a lot of animals... duck, elephant, cow, mouse, dog, cat, tiger, and horse. When you ask him what Gene Simmons looks like he will stick out his tongue really long. FUNNY!!! When he gets nervous around strangers he will start telling the stranger all the people around him... momma, daddy, Mia, Paw Paw, Nana, Pops.... who ever is there with him at the time the stranger will KNOW!!! He likes to tell the check-out people at stores HEY and if they don't answer it gets a little louder until they respond back and then he goes through the Momma, Daddy list !!! He loves my Grandmother and makes her pick him up to go and turn the lights to her chandelier on and off ON AND OFF AND ON AND OFF!!! my grandmother loves it BUT he is 22 pounds and it wears her out!!! He still LOVES lights and will say WOW when he sees lights he really likes... grandma's chandeliers!!! He is talking up a storm and will tell you when he has a dirty diaper (POOP) or if he just tooted (TOOTY)!!! He has started to throw fits if he doesn't get his way and this can be embarrassing in a store or at a DR office...basically he will go limp and throw himself backwards. It's a PHASE we tell ourselves!!! Even though he throws fits he has manners... he will say Please and thank you!!! He LOVES LOVES LOVES reading books especially BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR and POLAR BEAR POLAR BEAR... he will walk up to you with the book and say read... and if you don't answer soon enough it is READ!!!! and he wants to sit in your lap to read and point out all the pictures he knows SO SMART!!! My favorite thing he does now is gives kisses... he makes a noise when he kisses us too like MUUUHHHWAAA and then he will say LOVE YOU!!! oh it melts me!!! I hope this catches you guys up on what is going on around the Farley's place... with Valentine's coming up I am SURE I will have MORE pics and updates!!! SENDING OUR LOVE!!!

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