Saturday, May 22, 2010

last weekend

Yesterday we took a trip to Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair. I have been waiting for this to come to town for EVER!!!! Drew was not too excited to be there BUT he cooperated for the most part. This is a picture of me and bub at one of the booths... how funny that it is an Airstream... I think that is GENIUS!!!
Mia went with us. She helped out a lot with Drew. Mia and Drew looked at a lot of animal drawings and even picked out a surprise for Paw Paw!!! SHHHHH!!!!
That night we all went to a Silver Stars game... Mia is in a fan group called The Blues Sisters....they get the crowd going and dress in costume for EVERY GAME!!! too funny!!!

My favorite picture from this weekend is Drew finding a snail and wishing it Good Morn'n.... too cute!!! he always makes me smile...even when he is being a toot. He is my whole heart (ok... there is room for Ken and my family too but he takes up 99.99999999999%) and I thank my lucky stars that he does!!! I love him more than words can express!!! when I laid in bed at night and cried myself to sleep because I was unable to have children, i never dreamed I would be so blessed with Drew. I would do it ALL again ( surgeries and heart aches and sleepless nights) knowing my road would lead me to Drew!!!

Now we are heading off to Fredricksburg for trade days ...pic to come later!!!


racheld said...

Hey Meaghan, this is BYH Rachel & I am so inviting myself to the craft thing next year!!!! I have heard about it but I didn't know when or where!

Mia said...

My Drew drawing at his new/old orange and date the picture...primitive art is the best. Love his picture....