Sunday, December 05, 2010

quick update with random pics

It's that time of year again where we get really busy!!!
and it seems like every single weekend is filled with something
or another.
We have parties and carnivals and Santa and parties and pictures and parties.

We went to Santa the other night and Drew was not too happy
about it.  He sat on his lap BUT cried the whole time.
SAD CRY... makes you want to POUT with him kind of cry
the funny thing is when Drew got off Santa's lap he turned around and said...
I want drums OK??? OK SANTA??? DRUMS??

it was SUPER CUTE!!!

Drew has moved into the TeRRibLe twos FOR SURE.

HE is a mess!!!
let me restate that...
HE IS A MESS!!!!!!

That picture pretty much sums it up.
He tells us...
I do IT!!!
I will NOT!!!
and NO!!!
a lot
but we have enforced the time out chair and that does the trick sometimes...

We have some news too...
Our momma duck is back and she has 11 NEW baby ducks!!!
So here we go again...
and DREW LOVES it more....
the first 3 pictures are from the front porch
right after feeding the ducks
and the NO
picture was when I told him we needed to go back inside because it was getting chilly....

I know these pics are WAY random BUT
I thought I would share some of the recent pics I have taken of him...
plus HE is TOO CUTE not to share...

and is it totally wrong of me to like the NO picture the best???