Thursday, February 28, 2013

RODEO 2013

So I have been super bad about keeping this updated...
I  apologize
I have some excuses but all in all I am sorry
here are some pics for our recent trip to the San Antonio Rodeo

I will have to tell you we had several and I mean SEVERAL people stop us and tell us how handsome Drew is!!!
I of course already knew this *wink* but we thanked them!!!

 I skipped school
and we met up with the Kinders
from my school
they had a field trip to the rodeo and
I am really good friends with the Kinder teachers
so we tagged along with them

 he loved riding this pony named Dolly and got to ride her 3 times because she wasn't cooperating for the camera :)

 the petting ZOO was his favorite...

 nice healthy Rodeo lunch...
he is a picky eater but I can always get chicken strips and fries

 another fave was the reptile house
we only stayed til Paw Paw got off
Paw Paw is a volunteer in the horse barn
we got to the grounds at like 10 and we were headed home by 1
 this was on the way home...
we did a lot in 3 hours
it is tough being a handsome cowboy


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