Monday, June 06, 2005

9 and counting

Ok so I got my progesterone results back today. It is only at 11. THAT STINKS. We were hoping for 20 or higher. We doubled the clomid because the first round only produced a 7.5... and now double produced nurse said that we could possibly triple my dosage of clomid for next month. Right now it is a wait and see game.
I have had some pretty obvious side effects from this double dosage. I really am afraid of triple much bigger can my BOOBIES get. REALLY!!! and poor Ken he is always on the defense from MEGZILLA!!!! He really is a trooper through my emotional roller coaster. He just takes it and then waits for the apology...I really do apologize to him for my outbursts of whatever it may be. Well more information to come. I will probably go to the doctor sometime next week so I will update then. Oh by the way 2 HPT say negative.

Today I am THANKFUL for the summer.
Without it I would most definitely not be a teacher.
You need time to recoup, reorganize, and re-evaluate
and what about reload.


Anonymous said...

Steph wants a boob job - would you like to donate some of yours?
Luvs Ya Bunches, ~*~ Aunt Linda ~*~