Saturday, June 11, 2005

It is official... I am now on triple doses of Clomid. This is as high as we can go. If nothing happens this month poor hubby has to go in for check up. I was told that this will increase chances of twins but that is what they said last time and now I am on triple DOSAGE!!!! We are doing good I start taking the Clomid Sunday the 12th and take it for 5 days. One pill morning noon and night... wish us luck...or maybe just wish Ken luck.

Anyways~ so far summer is going good. Ken works during the day and Copper and I vedge out on TV. My favorites are Double Agents, Days of Our Lives and Crafters Coast to Coast. I am going to start tutoring Mondays and Wednesdays, two sweet little boys from my I had the other was across the hall. We are going to have fun!!! I also am going to take auctioneer classes. I won an auctioneer class and a $50 gift card towards an auction item from Vogt Auctions. From what we understand they will teach me how to bid, what to look for in antiques, and other important auction stuff. I love going to a matter of fact Ken and I are going to my first one of the summer tomorrow... in our old city of San Marcos. We are looking for specific things but who knows if the prices are good we might bring home more than we anticipated.

TODAY ~ I am thankful for family and friends. Through all of our ups and downs we can always rely on friends and family to keep us grounded. THANKS from the bottom of our hearts for all your encouraging words, emails, phone calls, and truly is the little things in life that matter to us most. THANKS WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


Anonymous said...

I continue to pray the Clomid works for ya'll! Glad you are keeping your spirits up going through all this! Good Luck and continue to keep everyone posted! Always, your twin and has twins, Whitney