Saturday, August 13, 2005

IUI oh my!!!

OK so I didn’t want to update this thing because my last blood work came back at a level 6. Remember, that we want the level to be at a 20 or higher. I was very upset and devastated by this news and was on the brink of just giving up. After some ice-cream and shopping I was back to a somewhat normal level of functioning and went to Dr. Garza on cycle day 5. I had to have an ultrasound because my progesterone level was soooo low and they thought that I might have an ovarian cyst AGAIN!!! I was really scared during the ultrasound because I knew if a cyst was found that meant another surgery. To my surprise, no cysts were found and I was put on triple doses of Clomid… again. I had to go back on cycle day 12, yesterday, for an ultrasound to see if I had any viable follicles (they are good cysts containing the eggs before they are released). Mom and I went in yesterday and I was very nervous… I kept asking myself what if there are no eggs? What if there are too many eggs? In order to have a “GOOD” result I had to have 1-4 follicles larger than 18mm. I went back to the sonogram room and as the procedure began the sweet nurse said ( and I quote), “WOW, I see one already!” YIPPPEEEEE!!!! I actually have 3 follicles but only 2 count because the 3rd one is not greater than 18 so it isn’t viable. I was elated. I went back into the waiting room and shared the GREAT news with mom and then waited to be called back into the examining room. When I was finally called back, mom went with me. The nurse came in with a syringe of HcG. HcG is a hormone that will stimulate the viable follicles to rupture and release the eggs into the fallopian tubes. Before she gave me the shot, she asked if I was scheduled for my IUI. IUI ( InterUterine Insemination) …. I was confused because this was never discussed. I didn’t know it was an option. I was excited but reserved. After a brief discussion with the check out nurse about the cost, I scheduled the IUI Ken and I had already decided that this month was going to be the last month that we try using artificial means like meds and ultrasounds because it has really taken a toll on my health…mental and physical. I basically need a break from this emotional rollercoaster. We felt that the IUI was our last chance this summer…not ever but for right now. We felt that if we left it up to natural means and we didn’t get pregnant that we would always think WHAT IF? And by going ahead with the IUI we upped our chances of getting pregnant especially because I have 2 follicles. SOOOOOO This morning, at 7:45 am, Ken and I went in for our IUI.

The procedure is pretty quick and painless. You can go to this link to read about the procedure. OR you could just keep reading and I will give you my version of this procedure. OR you could do both. In college I did AI (artificial insemination) on cows and I never imagined that I would have to have one....soooo what I am trying to say is I know what I am talking about.... warning some of the scientific terms used below are just that... scientific. I don't use the fluffy cute names for private parts I just say it like it is.
It basically is a direct deposit of strong, good sperm into the back of the uterus. This increases the chances of pregnancy because the sperm directly bypass the the most hazardous part of their journey… the VAGINA. I know my mom is saying did you have to make it all caps…. YES mom it adds to the fertility humor. LOVE YOU MOM….. ok back to the procedure. Most of the sperm are killed or unable to make it up the vagina and past the cervix into the uterus. In fact, in a normal deposit, there are millions of sperm cells but only thousands make it to the uterus and only hundreds make it to the fallopian tubes. In an IUI, the Dr. takes only the strongest most motile sperm and places them in a syringe with a long flexible catheter and deposits over a million sperm cells directly into the uterus. You can see how your chances are better but not guaranteed…. IUI only has about a 26% success rate. We are hopeful but are not getting too excited .. I go back next Friday for blood work to check progesterone levels and then I go the next Friday for a pregnancy test.

Ken and I wanted to thank every body for their well wishes and prayers. We especially want to thank our parents for helping us with the Farley Baby Fund. We love you all so much.

Today I am grateful for my mother.

Usually we are at odds with each other but lately we have really become a lot closer. We took a glass bead making class together and she often goes to my dr appointments with me when Ken or Dad can’t go. She is very supportive through my mood swings and frequent outbursts of tears. I wanted to say thank you for all you have done, Mom, and I hope this blog didn’t let out TMI. She is always my proofreader or should I say censor for this Blog. Thanks again MOM!!!!.


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