Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last NIght

I'm going to try my Whubba Nub we call him Bubba
Dori can't even figure out what is wrong!!! She hates it when he cries. She stayed up with us!!!
I love my Bubba. In the car seat!!!
Finally sweet boy is asleep!!!

Last night was eventful. So far Drew goes to bed around 9 after his bath and then gets up at midnight for a bottle and falls asleep immediately and then wakes up around 8:30 in the morning. WELL... not last night... he decided he was hungry again at around 9.. so we fed him a small bottle (we had just fed him at 8:15ish). Then he got cranky, so my dad took him and walked around with him... wouldn't burp, wouldn't take the paci, checked diaper... nothing... tried swing .. nOPE... so finally after about an hour of grumpiness we decided to head home. As soon as we put him in the car seat he calmed down. I made Ken drive around the neighborhood several times to make sure he was asleep. We got home around 10:30 and he slept until 11:30 time for bottle. Fed him but then he got cranky again. We tried to burp him, walked around with him, Ken and I took turns loving on him and carrying him. It was just like earlier... nothing was going to make him happy. Finally around 2 in the morning I tried a new bottle and PRESTO HAPPY BABY!!!! He fell asleep drinking it and went right down for the rest of the night... yeah right... In about 30 minutes he was fussy again so I just took him out of his bassinet and held him. He liked that and so he slept like that until about 8 this morning. He woke up with a dirty diaper and I changed him and back to sleep he went. POOR little guy he is tuckered out from last night and so am I. He and Ken are still asleep. I am getting stuff done around the house and updating this and that. Needless to say I think Ken and I did pretty good last night and I am going to let my boys sleep in as long as they want!!! LOVE TO ALL!!!

JUST an update... his cold is getting better!!!! He only gets a runny nose in the morning right after waking up and isn't coughing as much either. We go back to the Dr. Wednesday for a follow up and I think 1st month check up!!


frannie said...

Sound like you guys have everything under control. Can't wait to see ya'll. OH...and Happy Fall!!! It's your favorite season can't wait for the pumkin patch pics.