Friday, October 03, 2008

Asleep on Daddy!!!
Getting some love from Paw Paw
Uncle Josh came to visit. We are SO PROUD of Uncle Josh... he got into the Fire Academy. WAY TO GO UNCLE JOSH!!!!
Drew loves his Nana!!!! and by the smile on Nana's face she LOVES Drew too!!!

Drew is getting over his cold. He is only coughing maybe once a day and does not have any more snotty nose!!! YEA!!! We went to the Dr. and he is almost 10 pounds. The Dr. said everything looks good and to just keep doing what we are doing. We talked to her about his spitting up and fussiness at night and told her that we thought it was his formula. She told us it could be but unless he is NOT projectile vomiting and is still gaining wt. he should be fine. Well last night after another fussy night we changed his formula. Now he is on one for sensitive bellies. It is for gassy babies. AND LET ME TELL YOU ... he tooties A LOT!!!!!! Today was the first day on it and he only spit up once and it was a very small amount. He hasn't been fussy and has taken a lot of long naps... hence how I can write this lengthy BLOG!! (wink wink)

Anyways everything is going good... Ken is a little upset because he was planning on taking Drew to his 1st hockey game tomorrow but the Dr. said to not take him to places with that many people in a closed environment. I am going to have Mommy Drew time while daddy and some friends go to the hockey game!!! Tomorrow morning, Drew is going to go to Market Days in Wimberly, Texas. It is acres upon acres of junk and crafts and antiques.. my kind of stuff!!! We are going to meet my good friend from college, Sarah (aunt Sarah to Drew). It should be fun. We got Drew a new stroller JUST for Market Days... it is a Jeep Terrain Stroller.
That's how he rolls!!! :) I'll get pics!!
Anyways, that is it from here.


Frannie said...

HE is absolutely adorable. He is a good-looking baby. Can't wait to see Mommy and Drew. Love ya!!