Saturday, November 01, 2008


It was Drew's first Halloween and he went as a Garden Gnome!! I ordered his outfit on (my favorite place) and this sweet lady made it just for him. We entered him into the costume contest at the Hockey Game but he didn't even place. We think it is because he is a baby. If you made it into the finals you had to go out on the ice during the intermission and having a baby on ice is too much liability. The costume that won for the kids category was Buzz Light year and it was bought off the rack... (I'm not BIASED)!!! Anyways... he did make it on the JUMBO TRON (the huge big screen that hangs over the rink)... everybody ooohhhed and ahhhhhed because LOOK AT HIM HE IS TOOO CUTE!!! We are going to get professional pics taken in his costume so look for those soon.
The Family ~ I'm dressed as a teacher, Ken is a Hockey Fan, and Drew is a Garden Gnome!!What a good sport he is. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

This is after we got home. He is laying in my lap and staring at me. He was probably thinking I hope this lady doesn't dress me like a grandpa anymore!!!


mereburk said...

Love the garden knome outfit - too cute! You guys are so creative! Need to email you soon! Pray for us!

Carol from AIM said...

that is the cutest little gnome I've ever seen! Too cute! And that last picture is GREAT!