Friday, November 28, 2008

Copper Anne 1997-2008

So I have sat at this BLOG a lot in the last 2 months needing to post something that happened. Don't get me wrong I have posted all of the good times about Drew and and all the important events pertaining to him... BUT.. something else I have left out. YOU SEE...Here I am sitting at the computer knowing that I need to update my Blog with this information... It has been over 2 months now but it is still very hard for me to talk about it. Our beloved dog... Copper Anne Farley... passed away the day we brought Drew home. It happened while we were gone to Houston to pick him up. I am not going to go into details but we know she probably went peacefully because it looked like she was just sleeping on the floor. I know time heals but Copper was like my child. She went through it all with me and she was an absolute PERFECT dog...ok except for the occasional getting into the trash and biting a solicitor (hey my door has a sign that says.. NO SOLICITING). but other than that she was the smartest, coolest, and most caring dog I knew. I think what I have created is exactly what I needed to do to have some closure. I knew I just couldn't write on here like I normally do and post some pics. It had to be special like Turkey Girl. It had to be frilly yet not too girly... like she was. I hope you like it... BEFORE YOU PLAY IT... You need to go all the way to the bottom of this entire BLOG page and turn the music off to this blog page then come back up here and play it...that way you won't have 2 different songs playing at once.

Click to play Copper Annie
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Linda B said...

How sweet this is . . . Mags
I Love You,
Aunt Linda