Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Resolution Word for 2009

So what is your word for the year 2009? I was "stalking" one of my favorite BLOGS (Hospitality.. look to the right in BLOGS I Love) and came across this. Instead of making a resolution, she comes up with a word to live by for the year. This was easy for me... my word is gratitude because I have so much to be grateful for...

1~ My Drew~ I have wanted to be a mommy for a very long time now and if you know my (our) history, you know that I (we) have tried and tried AND TRIED... BUT it finally happened. We put our FAITH into the hands of the Lord... and look, we tried for YEARS on our own and finally when I opened my eyes to the path we were destined to take and my heart to the idea, it took only months to get DREW!!!! WE are so BLESSED.

2~My Kenny~ What can I say... he is the absolute best hubby. He always gets me. He spoils me and he loves me no matter what hormonal hill or valley I may be on or in. MY gosh he gave me shots in my booty for months and did it with a feather's touch (does that make sense?... in other words... he didn't use my BUTT as a dart board... it hurt him more than me to give me shots). Kenny loves me for me and supports me in my crazy ideas and creative whims. He is a Star Wars NERD and still plays video games BUT I LOVE HIM!!!! He is also, by the way, the best daddy to Drew. It melts my heart to see them together... MY BOYS!!!!

3~Birth Family~ I cannot leave this ALL TOO important part out. Without Drew's birth family, we would not be parents. Imagine the unselfishness it took to place your child's life in our hands... complete strangers (known only through a book and a meeting). Imagine the love they must have for him... to place him with us so he can have more opportunities in life than they can offer. I am grateful for their decision... without them I would not be a MOMMY!!!

4~Camp Paw Paw~ I am grateful my dad can be Drew's Camp Paw Paw.... (nanny or manny which ever, he watches Drew while we are at work). He keeps me updated throughout the day with funny text messages. When I walk in to pick Drew up, Paw Paw usually has Drew on his chest napping. It is a true blessing that my dad can do this for me and next year my mom will be his assistant ( ha ha love you mom ;0) ~ LOVE YOU DAD!!!

5~Family~ Our family has shown great support throughout all of our ups and DOWNS, especially when we began our adoption process. I am grateful for all of their gifts they have given us. Some gifts you can open and hold in your hands and then there are those gifts that are placed in your heart... ALL of them helped us become PARENTS!!!!

6~Friends~ without my friends- OK, OUR friends- we would not have survived. I know GOD has placed these great people into our lives to help guide us. We now have a wonderful church that the majority of our friends attend.... and those that don't, we meet after church for dinner (I love that tradition). We have role models that are like big brothers and sisters to us.... we get lots of advice and we have the best times together. Our friends are ALWAYS there for us. All of them have a role in our life and they probably don't even realize it.... WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

7~Health~ OK, it is not a secret I am a bit... OK, OK...a lot... overweight, BUT I want you to know I have gone 1 whole year with NO surgeries. For those of you not keeping count... for 4 years in a row I had at least 2 surgeries a year... and yes ... I was under, in the hospital, under the knife, blah, blah, blah for all of those.... SO I am grateful for my health right now BECAUSE I have not had to have surgeries... now the chubby part I plan on working on that now!!! (more on that to come ...later)

8~TJMAXX~ those that know me know I have to be grateful for that store because it is my get away, my rehab, my spa. Some people go golfing, some get their nails done, some go to a bar, some even pay for a therapist.... TJMAXX is my retail therapy. I love TJ!!! I am grateful for TJ!!! Now Ken, on the other hand... BUT now with little Drew, I don't get in there quite as often BUT when I do... watch out!

OK, that sums up why I have chosen GRATITUDE for my word for 2009... I have so much to be grateful for... son, hubby, Camp Paw Paw, birth family, family, friends, health (not weight), and TJ!!!

I encourage you to come up with a word to live by for 2009. If you want, I can share. Let me know in the COMMENTS what word you have picked because I am nosey and want to know!!! Come on... I told you mine!!! inspired to get a word!!!