Monday, December 08, 2008

My ETSY addiction

I've had several people ask me where we got some of our goodies for Drew, so I decided to post them here...

OK, I am totally addicted to is like ebay BUT WAY better. It is handmade items crafters sell online. Some of the items are amazing!!!! Here are a few of my favorite things I have gotten from ETSY...

Drew's onesies that have the months on them was purchased from this ETSY seller. They are SUPER cute and you can ask for girl colors or boy. I think it is a great way to document his first years. What a great baby shower gift. AND they came wrapped/packaged really cute, too!!

The above link is where you can get your little one their very own SUPER HERO cape. I got one for my nephew (SHHH it's for Christmas) and I can't wait for him to open it up!!! What little man... OK... even grown man doesn't want their own SUPER HERO cape!!!????!!! Of course the one above is not my nephew's, BUT I will post a pic of SUPER BOONE after Christmas!!!

This link is where I ordered Drew's birth announcements and our Christmas cards. She is soooo helpful and will listen to whatever you want and will make changes until you are happy!!! You can have her design something for you ( like the birth announcement) and then YOU can go and have it printed at a local picture place OR you can have her print it. You can also send something you designed (like my upcoming Christmas cards) and she will professionally print them for you. GREAT DEAL!!! Best deal I found... less than a dollar a card and on cardstock!!! WOW... go there and check it out!!!

ALSO in the announcement pic, you can see his little I WAS WORTH THE WAIT onesie is the link for that.

I love it and it is perfect for our situation!!! OR any baby... another great gift for a new mom.