Monday, June 29, 2009

giving it a try!!!

Ok so I am doing it.. I am entering my first pic into the I Faces ... the theme is Just for Fun!! Tell me what you think!!!
This is my baby... Drew!!! This picture was taken right after he got into his first Splish Splash Pool he ♥ed splashing around!!! Let me know what you think!!! I love comments!!! If you want to enter head on over to I Faces and you can enter too!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday, June 26, 2009

a few things

Mom and I went to see Wicked, on Wednesday, can i just say I would see it a million more times.... I LUVed~it!!! It was so good. I am fixing to buy the soundtrack I loved it so much!!! I am trying to convince Ken to go with me now... BUT.. it is only here a few more days so I doubt I will get to go again...BUT... Ken mentioned it is going to Austin next...HMMMMM??????

This is me before Wicked... I wore a RUBY RED blouse but not ruby red slippers... I wore leopard heels. I thought I looked cute so I snapped a shot of myself.
This is Elphaba...or Elphie like Galinda calls her. Anyways she is the Wicked Witch. Beautiful right??? Anyways her real name is Donna Vivino and she sings Defying Gravity and it will give you GOOSE BUMPS!!!!

This is Galinda, now known as Glinda, she is a riot...this was surprisingly a pretty funny play...she is played by Katie Rose Clarke and she sings wonderfully!!! AND IS favorite was the song Popular!!!!
I can NOT explain how WONDERIFIC (you'll understand when you see it)...this show was... Maybe the picture below will show you.. It was taken AFTER the show!!!


Because this is what happens when you leave an UNopened can of soda in a car on a HOT TEXAS summer day!!! YEP!!! Needless to say Ken took my car in to get detailed after we found this!!! And then what happened... it rained!!! oh well!!!! Lesson Learned!!!


Drew got new shoes and a cart cover!!! We finally... OK ... I... finally found a cart cover i like... it has pirates on it... too cute!!! Anyways this was Drew's first time riding in a cart like a BIG BOY!!! Man is he growing up fast!!! We are in the parking lot of one of our favorite stores... COSTCO!!! Drew also got some new shoes...usually he kicks them right off and I have to STRUGGLE to get them on him...well he likes these. He kept them on the whole time!!!

UNTIL... we got into the car...YUMMMM


I am ending with one of the pictures my dad took of him. He will pose for pictures like a professional!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


We have been busy like ALWAYS!!!

We all went to the end of the year party for my work. Drew got to play in the sink... THANKS AUNT LEEANNE!!!!

At the party, my good friend Kari's little one fell asleep on the rug and his big brother decided to take this opportunity to poke a little fun at him!!!

Drew is eating stage 2 and 3 food now with an occasional table food. One of the things he LOVEs to do is put his foot up while he eats. As you can see, he is really enjoying his dinner!!! His favorites are mac and cheese and any fruits!!!

We went to a Stanley Cup Party...YEAH PENGUINS!!! while there... Drew met up with T-Bone the local hockey team's mascot. They are buds... I hope Drew continues to not be scared of mascots because it will make future trips to disney enjoyable. Drew also met up with one of his many girlfriends....Sarah... she is too cute!!!

We went in for our 9 month check up... NO SHOTS!!!! YEAH!!! This is Drew and his Nurse Miss Nadia. Drew really loves her and she loves him... He always gives her a BIG smile!!!! Miss Nadia gave Drew some gifts...


While at the DR, Drew loves to shred the paper... It keeps him happy so we just let him go at it...At the end of our visit...EVERYTHING is right on track... he is average in wt and ht and above average for head size...surprised??? yeah me neither.... BIG BRAINS... the Dr. did say he is very smart and strong & that he is one of the cutest she has seen...surprised...yeah me neither.... he weighs 20lbs. 12 oz. and is 27 3/4 inches long... well I guess that is our last few weeks in a nutshell... not too much on our calendar coming up... Father's Day is all I can think of right now...

Monday, June 08, 2009

This week I am officially on vacation BUT I am in mandatory workshops til Wednesday so SUMMER BEGINS WEDNESDAY!!!!

We have had a momma bird make a nest in our bird house on our porch and the babies keep jumping out. Drew, the dogs, and I go out there as much as possible to make sure they aren't on the ground and put them back in the house...this is ok if you do it quickly... the momma bird usually is right by the bird house when I pick them up and put them back in and she immediately feeds them so I am sure she hasn't rejected them...her nest building techniques are questionable if you ask me??!!?? The babies are too cute though....

Last weekend we went to visit Grandpa Everett and Grandma Maggie on their farm... Drew saw cows for the first time. He wanted to pet them but got licked instead it was funny. It was really sweet how all the baby cows came to the fence to see him... Grandpa Everett had fun showing Drew his garden....IT WAS A GREAT SUNDAY AFTERNOON!!!

On Saturday, we went to Market Days...Drew got hot and a little fussy FUSSY....soooo....Paw Paw took him to the covered patio to sit under the fans and to listen to some guitar playing and singing!!! HE LOVED IT!!! He tapped his hands on his knees and stared at the gentleman singing... he finally cooled off and had a drink of bottle and we decided to head out...He didn't want to leave... you can see the frown on his face when we left the pavilion.

Every weekend we have been going to my in-law's house to go swimming. Drew loves it. I like to swim too... their pool is perfect!!! It is totally shaded by 5:30 and therefore I don't have to SLATHER Drew in sunscreen he just gets one coat!!! I have had skin cancer so I am a little addicted to SUNSCREEN!!! JUST A LITTLE!!! (sarcasm)