Monday, December 28, 2009

i faces... I've missed you soooo!!! I have been busy with work and have not had time to enter BUT I have still taken plenty of pics AND now that I am on Christmas Break... I can once again post. I am so excited this week's theme is

HiLaRioUs oUtTaKeS....

I have posted some of the ones that make me LAUGH with descriptions... ENJOY!!!


leave comments I am a beginner and appreciate any advice good or bad

This is my son, Drew, (you'll see a lot of him)... anyways he was playing in his bouncer and stopped to pose..YEP he stopped and did this NO HELP FROM MOM!!!

He discovered his tongue!!!

We were at a football game and the buzzer went off and I happen to be taking a picture and got this!!!

After about 1,234,535 times of trying to take a picture of my son and my neice and nephew (for my mom-in-law's chrismas card) WE ALL threatened my neice and nephew...
Well Drew decided to point to Emma and Emma followed directions and did NOT turn towards Drew!!!

Arlo, the dog, SNUCK into our shot of Nana and her babies on Christmas...
and look Arlo is smiling!!! If you can't see him look next to Emma...he is wearing a blue collar!!!

OK those are my entries... I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!!!
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BE~ Photography Blog said...

I love how your niece didn't turn her head! So funny!!!

Alice said...

the 3rd one is my favorite! what a ham! you did a great job with your pictures :)

my shots are up now, too. feel free to come on over for a visit anytime :O).

Jan said...

Love your outtakes!!

Katy said...

love the first photo! my son loved his bouncer too! :) great outtakes!

my outtakes are up also..come and visit my blog! :)

Lisa said...

The fourth one is really funny!

Kimber said...

Great outakes! :)

Lolli said...

I especially love the finger-poking picture! Love it!