Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK so my sister in law bought my mom in law a really neat frame for her birthday and
but she got it at an auction and paid a small fortune for it soooooo I decided to make my own!!!
Ken, Drew and I headed out to look for ViNtAgE ornaments and accessories.... we found a lot at Thrift town and Hob Lob and my favorite ...Homestead Hand Crafts!! I also bought a frame from the discount aisle at Tues. morning ... it had a HUGE scratch BUT who cares i am going to cover it up!!! I also got lots of glue sticks for my new needle nose glue gun!!! and I was ready!!!

First I emptied out the frame... glass, foam, and faux family pics.... I also nearly cut off my THUMB doing this so BE CAREFUL!!! Glass is SHARP!!!

I laid out most of my ornaments so I could see what I had to work with... make sure you get ALL different sizes of ornaments

I started placing ornaments where i thought I liked them starting with the corners...

and then filling in the rest

at hob lob I bought LOTS of all sizes but only in clear...I could use the colored ones but the clear reflects the ornament colors so it worked!!!

see how I used the Bling to fill in where there was awkward space too little for an ornament
I used some quirky stuff this plastic reindeer

here I used an old candy cane that use to be a pen but the insides were missing
I got the SpArKlY NOEL at Hob Lob in a pack of 4 and just cut the loop off that made it an ornament

I found this Santa in a vintage lot I found at Homestead... i thought he was CUTE!!!
Here it is the FINISHED Frame..
it is VINTAGE... BLINGY... and GAUDY...
What do you think?!?!?!
I hit the after Christmas sales and stocked up so I can make some for next year!!! can't wait!!!