Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bubbles, ice cream, and more

SO.... while I have been recuperating from my surgery, I have been staying at
Camp Paw Paw's with Drew!!!
Camp Paw Paw's is what we call Mia and Paw Paw's house!!!
I am so so so very BLESSED to have my parents a few blocks over to help me and Ken!!!
While there we have had a lot of fun and laughs.
Here is a VERY small sampling of what we do while at
Kaleb comes over every once in a while to play. 
The boys like to put flags out for all of the American Holidays!!!
They recently lined the whole sidewalk with them because my parents' neighbor passed away after a long fight with cancer. Her husband said she LOVED seeing the street lined with the flags. 
So ALL the neighbors lined the street in her honor this week!!!

Drew recently ate his FIRST ice cream cone!!!
He has always loved ice cream BUT Mia put it into a cone and WOW!!!!

Kaleb and Drew always have fun when they are together!!!

Drew LOVES bubbles!!!
He picked out this Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, bubble blowing gun!!!
He and Paw Paw had a GREAT time playing with the bubbles!!!

I don't have pictures for the rest of this BUT here are some updates:
~ Drew was being a toot the other day and was hitting Dori (the dog).  We told him to not hit her because it will make her cry and he says "cry like this....whaaaa booo whooo whooo"
and YES he pretended to cry!!!
~ he like s to tell you to GET UP if you are sitting down and he wants you to go get him something
~ his new irritating thing is screaming... when you ask him something and his answer is no he SCREAMS instead!!!
~ terrible 2s have set in and TIME OUT CHAIR is being enforced... BUT when you put him on it he will tell you GET DOWN or NOW TIME (because we time him for 1 minute)
~ he has gained 2 or 3 pounds just in the last 3 weeks...which is GOOD GREAT!!!
he hasn't been gaining much wt lately but has been getting taller. When we asked the Dr he asked if Drew was active... active is an understatement... he runs laps around Mias kitchen island everyday and if Yo Gabba Gabba is on he dances and jumps with it the whole time...anyways the Dr. said to increase his calories so ice cream and milk shakes are on the menu now. The Dr. told us not to worry about it because he was so active BUT it wouldn't hurt to increase calories!!!

~ everyday this little boy blows my mind with what he can do...
1- knows the ABC song
2- can identify all of the letters (we have 2 sets of foam letters and you can ask him to get the H and he will search through his letters to get the H)
3- he can count to 10 and is currently working up to 20
4- knows all of his basic colors
5- is very well mannered
please, thank you, excuse me (when you are in his way), good morning, good abernoon, and good evening
6- has daily chores that he gets rewarded for
one is feed the dogs... he gets the food cup and goes with Ken into the garage to get his scoop and then comes back in and pours it into the dogs' bowls
7- he knows the streets around our neighborhood and can tell you which way to go to get to my parents and grandparents house...
mom and dad live about 4 blocks away and my grandparents are about 10 BIG blocks away
this amazes Ken and me every time we here..."turn here Mia and Paw Paw's"
and if you tell him no we are not going there right now OMGosh he is going to cry
8- he likes to read by himself
he LOVES 2 books called "Gossie and Gertie"  and "Gossie"
my mom is a retired reading specialist and is amazed at how he uses the pictures to retell the book
he can read some of the words but basically retells the story using picture clues!!!
9- he loves to learn and currently we are working on recognizing the 1st 5 presidents... we started this on Sunday and he can name George Washington
10- he can sing along with a bunch of his favorite songs
mostly from Yo Gabba Gabba but some others are
Pink, Lady Ga Ga, Alabama, Micheal Jackson, Zac Brown, and others I can't think of at 12:30 at night

Well ~ this update is long over due so hopefully this catches everyone up!!!


Kari Johansen said...

What an amazing boy you have!!! I still think he is the cutest thing and talk about smart - WOW!