Tuesday, June 28, 2011

b ball fun

We got the chance to join Mia and Paw Paw at a
Silver Stars game!
Drew LOVES going to these games because he LOVES watching for the
Silver Fox!!!
HE LOVES the FOX!!!!
Drew wanted to sit with Paw Paw of course
they are BEST BUDDIES!!!!

Guess who came to visit DREW?
and Drew being the shy boy that he is (HA HA HA) he went right to him!!!
and cheesed it up real good for the picture!!!
 He was soooooooo excited to see that silly thing!!!
Good thing Mia and Paw Paw know the FOX so Drew was pretty
much guaranteed a SURPRISE visit :)

you can't go to a game without wearing  a basketball head :)

Mia dresses up for the games because she and her buds are a part of the Blues Sisters...
they hype up the crowd in their area!!!
Drew wanted to wear her hat all night BUT Mia had bad hat head!!!

 Proof I was there too!!! :) Daddy had to work late so he was not able to make it :(
but still exciting!!!
Drew planted the seeds to this Moon Flower about a month ago and we keep missing
the blooms because they bloom at night!!! BUT look what we found when we got home!!!