Monday, June 06, 2011

crazy busy!!!

I am sorry I have been a bad bad blogger...
But I do have good excuses....

It all started (back at the end of March)
 with my nephew's 3rd birthday party. 
Then ~ there was my brother and future sis in law's
engagement party!!!
This is my mom, grandma, my bro, & ME!!!

In  APRIL.....
Then it was time for the party hosting to kick in....
FIRST I planned, decorated, and was one of the hostesses of a bridal shower for my LUVERLY cousin

The theme was
WHO is getting married???

Then I planned, decorated, and helped host a
Bridal Shower for my future sis in law
The theme for this one was Country Chic.

 I went to a feather party
hosted by my
Bless Your Heart!!!!
if you look you can see
my new feathers!!!
Unfortunately they fell out after about a week!!!

I also was one of the hostesses for this
future bride
We had a lingerie party at a local pub!!!
and then....

Bridal Shower (I am NOT a host)
for my future sis in law...
It was 50's housewife theme
so my side of the FAM
sported some fab aprons!!!

me and my momma!!!

Then it was my bday and Mother's Day on the same day!!!!
We spent the day with family and friends at my Grandparent's house!!!
Bubble guns were a hit with the boys!!!

My last hosting duty was for a friend at work!!!
She is having a baby girl and we threw her a
Baby Shower.... sorry no pics!!!
but it was cute!!!

ALRIGHT and then I got to attend some more parties...
This past Friday we had
the rehersal dinner for
Ken and I are posing before the festivities.
& YES my hair is REALLY RED!!!
(I let my hair goddess Abby do whatever she wants
and usually the last few weeks of school I get a
FUN color and cut!!!)
thank goodness my PrinciPAL is
cool with my craziness!!!
This is Andi and I
sporting our PARTY

and Andi was BEE U TEE FULL!!!
My little family before the ceremony!!!

needed a close up of Drew's
duds....can you see he is ROCK-n
some PINK CHUCKS!!!!
(yep that is how we roll!!!! :) * WINK *
It was a lot of fun!!!!

I think that about covers it!!!
As you can see
 I have been going and going and going
for the last few months!!!
Lots of fun is planned for this summer so I will try to be a better blogger!!!