Monday, May 16, 2005

More meds and more babies???

Today I went in for a routine Clomid make sure everything is still working and ready to ovulate. I saw the BEST Dr. in the world and he said that everything looked GREAT! YIPPEE and that he was doubling my Clomid which can result in twins. I am all for twins and so is Ken but we will take what we can get at this point. Dr. Garza reassured us that we are not at the "Jerry Springer" stage of fertility and that he doesn't anticipate anything more than twins from this dose. I will have to return for blood work on the 1st of June. REMEMBER we are shooting for 20.... my progesterone level that is. 20 or higher is where we want it. Remember my last dosage of Clomid it only went as high as 7.5. EVERY ONE THINK 20!!!

Anyways I just got an email from one of my good friends that they just welcomed a new arrival into their family....Mason Paul Heye was born on May 11th. That is all I know. I am assuming Mom and Baby are fine considering she emailed me. Hope I can see that little one soon.

What is it with all these baby boys. I think that makes 11 baby boys that have been born recently or are soon to be born. WOW!

TODAY I am thankful for
the X chromosome
because it looks like we are going to need more of them
out there to get some baby girls around here!!!


Zan said...

Yes, I've been reading. I have fingers, toes, eyes, etc. crossed for good results this go-round. I sure have been thinking of you often.


Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! I got twins on my first dose, lowest dose of Clomid! Please don't count out the fact that your body COULD spit out more than 2 eggs....believe me, it happens. Knowing many people with fertility multiples, it really does happen! Wishing ya'll much luck on the Clomid! I'll be cheering for ya! Love, Whitney

Anonymous said...

I have been reading it to. I enjoy it because it keeps me up to date with everything. Yes the clomid does work and my friend has triplets to prove it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Maggie,
I DO NO LIKE the #20 . . .
that would be Tony Stewart's # !
But I am praying for ya
and I love you and Ken both!
~*~ Aunt -3- Linda ~*~