Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ovulation sucks!!!

So~ yesterday I found out:
1~ I am possibly not pregnant and
2~ that my progesterone is at a 7

Both of these things are not what we wanted to hear. First, they couldn't rule out that I was or was not pregnant because it was too early to detect a positive negative...BUT today ....I could tell that I wasn't for sure (if you know what I mean). Then my Dr. wants my progesterone to be around 20..mine is at 7. Too low and so now I have to go in on day 5 and get another check up which will require an ultrasound and then get my Clomid doubled. YIPPEE!!! Now since the first round of fertility didn't work I get to go for round 2. AND... Now I have to be serious about my charting. I have a really scientific calendar that I have to fill out. Oh well wish us luck for next month.

Ovulation Calendar - This free ovulation calendar can help you determine your most fertile days.

TODAY, I am thankful for 2 things...
1~ my little brother...who is little no-more HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY Josh! and
2~ Julius Ceasar for implementing the calendar.
Did you know that April, May, and June are believed to be named after the Roman gods of fertility?
Well now you do.