Saturday, May 07, 2005

You look good for your age

Oh my gosh I use to think 3o was old but now I am almost 30 and it doesn't seem so old any more. Yesterday, my sweet, darling, cutie patootie husband surprised me by having some of my best friends meet us at Road House for a birthday dinner. It was so nice to have everyone together for a bite to eat. It isn't often that you can get that many people to take time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate a birthday. I appreciated it so much. I am already trying to anticipate what to write in my Thank You cards...words really can't express how happy I was to have all of them there. At one point in the evening, I tried to make eye contact with everyone and just smile. I just took the moment in and realized that they were there for ME. I felt so special... I was feeling high on life when the waitress asked, my friend Patti, how old I was..of course Patti replied 29 and the waitress said AND I QUOTE "WOW...You look good for your age!" The waitress said it with a big doe eyed look... she said it like it was a compliment or something but "good for my age" whatever sweetheart... someday you will be 29 and you will leave your skinny, cute, can't be over 21, I should be model for Guess~ waitress no tip on your birthday too. Man it feels good to be almost 29!!!!

Today I am thankful for
"gratuity included" when your party is over 6 people!!!