Sunday, July 24, 2005

Animal Lovers Weekend

This weekend was eventful. We finished our garage sale on Sat. and the roadrunner visited (see picture). We donated most of our left over items to the local animal shelter and Goodwill. We were exhausted and HOT so Ken's mom asked us to come over and do dinner. We went over and Ken went swimming with the dogs. I don't know who had more fun Ken or the dogs (see pictures). We later went out to eat with Ken's mom and Rick (Ken's stepdad). On Sunday, we went to auction in San Marcos. We got a few items. The best thing we got was a big hand carved and hand painted duck. It is made from one piece of wood and is really cool. We liked it right away and actually thought we wouldn't be able to get it BUT we did and for a good price too. After auction, we went through Dad's newly acquired record collection (he bought 5 boxes of old records at auction). I sat on mom's new laptop and the boys would yell out titles and I would see how much they were going for on eBay. The funniest was when Ken found the Beatles White Album...he got soooooooooo excited and said, " this is worth so much ...thousands" I looked it up $12.00 and it was in mint shape ours however is in not so good shape. I think I burst Ken's bubble. Later on the boys went and ran some manly errands and I stayed at Mom's and took a nap while she stayed on her new laptop. (SHE IS ADDICTED) We had dinner there and then came home to clean for my tutoring tomorrow. Tutoring this summer has really been great. Not only do I get paid to have fun with these boys I also have to keep my house clean and wake up early. It has really kept me on schedule. Anyways.... Before it got dark I told Ken I wanted to go look at the ponds in the front because after a rain (which we got about 2 inches during my nap at mom's) the snails go crazy and they have glistening trails all over our sidewalks. It really is cool. I don't really care that they eat all my plants because they are so much fun to look at. Well, while outside Ken noticed that the top pond was wriggling with activity. Ken said, " you've got tadpoles," I was sooooo excited. There are thousands of them. The pictures don't even come close to show you the quantities of tadpoles in out little pond. I was soooo excited I called mom and dad and they rushed over with Josh and his girlfriend, Lisa (which I often call Julie because I just forget her name... my luck I have never said it to her face). I think they were just as excited. We also showed them our Snail Party Wagon. If you notice in the picture I have hardly any plants in it. HENCE the name PARTY WAGON. Well I wanted to give you a summary of our pictures which equal our weekend. Next weekend we have Ken's cousin's wedding and I am sure I will have lots of pictures for that too.

Today I am grateful for INLAWS

Susie and Rick (Ken's Mom and step dad) are so nice and giving. They are always taking us out to dinner (when they are in town) or helping us out here and there. There are not words that can say how grateful we are that Rick is in Susie's life and in ours. He makes her so happy that she has blossomed into a most generous soul, which is spread among the rest of us lucky to know her. THANK YOU RICK AND SUSIE FOR ALL YOU DO. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!