Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ken's Vacation

The pictures below are some things we did on Ken's Vacation. Last week he got the whole week off so we decided to do some things for a change. One thing he wanted to do was go to Fiesta Texas. WHY??? Well we did it was ok. We had free tickets..Thank goodness. We walked around most of the time because Ken doesn't ride roller coasters and we went to a few shows. The first show we went to was by pure luck because we stopped in to get a bite to eat. SEE PICTURE OF OUR $35 meal. Needless to say that show SUCKED. We went to 2 more shows that day and they equally stunk. The most enjoyable time was riding the train. I think we rode it 3 times. I must admit that Fiesta Texas is pretty to look at but very expensive. Ken and I figured that if we didn't have free tickets and did all the things we wanted to do ( play games and ride the go carts) we would have easily have spent over $250. That is crazy for just the 2 of us. Thank goodness we had free tickets.

Another thing we did was get ready for a garage sale. We went room to room cleaning out JUNK. It took us a good 3 days to get everything priced and organized. The day of the sale (Friday) we had a good turn out. Mom and Dad brought over some of their stuff and Grandpa put in some of his too. It went well. We were suppose to have it Sat. too but we got rained out. The deal was that whatever didn't sell we would donate to goodwill or some other charity. Ken thinks we need to have another one because we were rained out and didn't get the Sat. crowd. WHATEVER... so my garage has turned into a family storage unit and this Sat. we will finish our Garage Sale.

Because we were rained out Sat. Ken and Dad decided to go to Buda to see the new Cabelas. It is a sporting goods store. More for the hunting and fishing type than the football and soccer type. Let's just say if you like having dead animals on your wall you might like Cabelas. I thought it was ok. I did get a pair of shoes out of the deal and Ken got to meet a former Dallas Cowboy... Randy White. He was very excited about that.

Sat. was also the day that Ken and I went to get my new hobby supplies. I started lampworking or making glass beads. I have seen it several times on my favorite show Crafters Coast to Coast and have thought that it might be something I would enjoy. After several weeks of thinking about it I decided that YES this is something I could really come to love. Anyways Ken took me to a store called Wired Designs and they gave me some very helpful hints and got me on my way. I have also signed up for a beginners class (with mom) on the techniques and what nots. They told me that I could just practice until my class and that is what I have been doing. What stinks though is when you get this great bead made and it breaks during the cooling process. I was told that I need to get a kiln to keep that from happening. ANYWAYS it is very relaxing and somewhat therapeutic to do this and my Dr told me to get a hobby.... hmmmm,,,,,, I wonder if insurance will cover this.... Kilns run about $350 - $500 think I will ask for a prescription next time. If you want to know what I really am wanting to do go to Ebay and type in lampwork beads and see what comes up.

Speaking of Dr.... I am doing ok. I just finished my second round of triple clomid. If this one is a negative in the prego department then we will try some other oral fertility drug next month. KEN came out of his test with an A+++ he is above average and according to the sperm specialist has some to spare. He was very proud of himself. He puffed up like a big rooster after he got the results it was very cute.

Ok I think that covers everything we did do other things on his vacation but they were not documented by photographs and I don't feel like typing anymore.

TODAY I am grateful for.... Dr humor
before Ken had to go take or give his test he asked if I could go back there with him. Of course they said yes and during the directions (it is very scientific you have to write down everything... did you miss any, what time it started, what time it ended, and more) ANYWAYS during the directions the Dr. proceeds to tell us that because both of us will be in the room that we are welcomed to the dirty movies and magazines and the only thing they ask is that there is no saliva in the sample...THINK ABOUT IT ....ooooooh gross