Thursday, August 14, 2008


OK so we can finally tell the world…. I just got off the phone with my OWN PR person…YEP …ME… I have a PR person assigned to me…WHY? You might ask..WELLLLLL Ken and I entered a t-shirt design contest for the WNBA (Professional Basketball for GIRLS). Anyways our design won.. GRAND PRIZE Baby. We were hoping to give the whole prize to mom and dad

Let me catch people up here that don’t know my mom’s obsession with the Silver Stars. My mom along with 3 of her other friends dress up in various costumes for every game. (click on the links to see them in their best.. you'll have to scroll through the pictures BUT you'll see them) They are KNOWN as the Blues Sisters (refer to pictures). Before every game they parade around the stadium and actually take pictures with some of the fans. They are nuts. My poor dad just sits in the background…he is referred to as Blue Sister #4’s hubby. My mom and her crew even filmed a video with the mascot. I am telling you they are like the crazy football fans you see on TV. I swear if they were men they would have their bellies painted.

OK back to the story…
BUT since I did the majority of the design I have to be there. We won an all expense paid trip to the WNBA finals and some other stuff like our t-shirts.. I think we get 3. This should be interesting… I HATE to fly and the finals are in October and the baby will be here in Sept. OH MY. Anyways we have known that we have won for a week now and it is too exciting. My PR rep, Kim, told me they are releasing my info to all the local media and all of the WNBA teams so I might be receiving some calls. It is too funny. The best part is we really entered to give the prize away to Blues Sister #4 ( or what I like to call her …mom) if we won BUT we figured this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I am going to suck it up and hope the playoffs are here in San Antonio.. so no flying needed… YEAH RIGHT. We can’t post the design on here because of copyright laws and what not but it is really cool. (if I say so myself) ~*TOOT TOOT*~ (me blowing my own horn). The really neat thing is Ken and I worked on it together. I got interviewed by my PR person too and that was funny because I have only been to like maybe 5 games and I really only know like one player. So when the question came up who is your favorite team …of course I answered “San Antonio Silver Stars” and then who is your favorite player, “I said Diana Taurasi” I couldn’t think of a single other player… JUST KIDDING MOM…( for some reason mom can’t stand her) I said “Becky Hammon” she is also my husband’s WNBA crush...that’s OK I have hockey crushes. So as you can see we have had a very eventful last few weeks. We will keep you updated with more info as I get it. I wonder if Don Harris will call… HMMMMM ( he is a local sportscaster that doesn’t like hockey but you bet his chubby booty was at the rink when the Gretzky came to town.) I have a bone to pick with him…. Talk to ya’ll later… LOVE YA~ Me


Espe said...

Hey M & K!!! Your design is awesome! I know because I voted for it several times! LOL Congratulations on having the winning design. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe we will have the finals here in San Antonio! Now your idea of painting our bellies....hmmmm, we will need an extra belly for the letter S. Can we interest you in a new assignment? BTW, we don't "parade around"..we just walk in like the rest of the folks. People stop us and ask to take pics with them! Maybe, we need a PR person! ; )

Blues Sister #1

Anonymous said...

@yBlues Sister #1 is totally correct. We do NOT parade, we just walk right to our seats. We can't help it if folks stop us AFTER the game for photo ops. And I'm thinking perhaps we need a PR person too...for sure we need little BS business cards to hand out at the games. But congrats on winning the T-shirt design contest. You want a seat by the window?

Blues Sister #4