Monday, August 04, 2008

What a day!!!

Today I went to the school to get some work done. I am fresh off my Mississippi vacation (got back yesterday evening) and decided to go up to school and start getting my room ready. When I got there I talked to some fellow teachers and friends and then got started moving furniture around and what not. WELL we don't have air conditioning BLAHK and it got toooooooooo HOT to keep working so I went into the office to say goodbye and to cool down (they have a little air). Right when I was going to leave I got a phone call. It was Jan from the adoption agency. I thought she was calling about a baby we were interested in. Then she started talking about how we were picked by a birth mom... I went blank I heard something about it being a boy and then dogs and August 18th and 20th and September 8th. I felt like I was going to pass out. 2 good friends were in the office with me and they caught on to what was going on. I was seriously in shock. Jan kept asking are you excited and I kept saying yes yes. She said to call Ken and tell her what date we could meet up. I got off the phone STILL in shock and called Ken. NO answer of course (he’s at work) and so I text him... I wanted to text him something clever but I was at a blank. I think I wrote " it's a boy we got picked" I was still numb and had to sit down. my girlfriends were all so excited I was sweating bullets stuff was racing through my head. I was delirious. I talked to Ken briefly to find out what date was good with him. He said the 18th. I called Jan back and talked to her again about details. I still was in LA LA LAND….but got most of it written down … SO here is the low down.

It is a boy

he is due... September 8th
we were picked because we love animals and because I am a teacher
we will meet the birth mom and her mom on August 18th in Houston
I have the birth mom’s name and age and other stuff but we are going to keep that private for right now.

Well that's where we are right now. I got the phone call around 12:20 and now it is around 6 and I am still in shock. I had to go to my parents house after school and tell them and I still felt like I was going to faint. I stayed there a little bit and now I am home still trying to let it all sink in!!!
What a blessed day August 4th turned out to be. Of course we will keep you updated. LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Aunt Deb said...

Yea! So happy for you two. I know you must have been so caught off guard. How exciting to know if just a few short weeks you will have your little son. Thought of any names?

God bless.

Aunt Deb

Charity said...

I am so happy for you both!!!! That is awesome!!

Love, Charity

Carol from AIM said...

Drew is going to be one lucky little boy! I'm so excited for the three of you!

I e-mailed you last night! We got news the same day you did! :) Jan was busy on Monday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glenn and I are so excited we can't wait to meet your new baby boy.

Frannie said...

Sorry clicked on the wrong one, but we are thrilled. I need to run out and get a sock monkey:)
Miss you can't wait to see you.
Frannie & famil

Whitney said...

I'm sooo excited for ya'll!!! We will keep ya'll in our prayers!!