Monday, July 20, 2009

All about Feet this week

This week in I Faces it is all about feet!!!

This is my dad and my son (well his feet at least)!!! I know it is all about feet this week but I LOVE this pic because I can see the absolute JOY on my dad's face!!!! This pic was taken the night before our adoption was final!!! We were all hanging out in the hotel room and my dad and Drew were playing... gotta love Paw Paw zerberts!!!

I would love some comments!!! & If you want to enter your pictures go to I Faces. It is really fun!!! & don't forget to check out the other entries as well!!!


Chris said...


Christie Archer

-stephanie- said...

This sure captures the love of a grandpa. Beautiful photo.

Mandi said...

Wonderful capture of a perfect moment. You will treasure it always.

Kate - k8tography said...

This is a beautiful capture of a precious moment!

Kim said...

Aesthetically delicious!! Thanks for the nibble. I love it when I put my babies feet to my face and they stick their toes in my nose, so sweet!!!! I love this picture.