Monday, July 13, 2009

I Heart Faces sports and pets

This week in I Faces you have 2 things you can enter into... sports and pets.


I was bummed about not having any sports pics BUT then I remembered I had taken pictures of my husband trying to teach my nephew to ice skate. We had taken my nephew to a hockey game and after it was over you could skate on the ice with the players. As you can see, my nephew was ready for this...he has shorts on and is wearing my husband's socks!!! Needless to say, my hubby's back and feet were hurting by the end of the lesson!!! I love the look on their faces... hubby "how much longer???"... Nephew... "Whee this is fun!!!" I had to take this picture as they scooted slowly by...from behind the glass because they wouldn't let me on the ice!!!


This is the one and only Copper Anne. She was (yes was... she passed away on Sept. 22nd of this year... the day we brought our son home) the smartest and sweetest dog. She had numerous tricks and was a great guard dog for the nights when my husband had to work late!!! She loved getting her picture taken and this is my ALL TIME favorite shot of her!!! I miss her soooo much!!!

Well~ I'm still new at this BUT would love some comments!!! If you want to enter your pictures go to I Faces. It is really fun!!! & don't forget to check out the other entries as well!!!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Great photos! My pet entry is here.

Alice said...

both your photographs are great! i love the hockey shot and the way you blacked out around the edges. sorry about your dog, what a great picture you have to remember him with :)

i have my shots posted too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).

Anonymous said...

My first grand-dawg Copper Anne...that is a great shot. Post the one of her reading her letter from your school site. And I loved her peeking through the knothole in the fence. She was the best!

Anonymous said...

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