Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Monkey LUV~N

Drew & I were nestled on the couch watching his video of Babies Can Read ...when... the doorbell rings!!! Who the heck is that??? After making sure no-one was out there I looked through the side window and saw a package...OH YEAH... I thought...Jenny said it would come today!!!
OH MY GOSH!!! look at its CUTENESS!!! I love it...wait WE LOVE IT!!! It is too cute and perfect for his upcoming Sea Monkey Party!!! Thank you to the Devines for adding a GREAT SOCK MONKEY to Drew's collection. It is hard to believe that a little over a year ago I started Project Sock Monkey... the out pouring of LOVE and support has brought me to tears MANY TIMES!!! I took a few pics of Drew's favorites...this is just a tiny bit of his collection!!!

As I am taking pics of the Sock Monkeys... I hear a phwwww sound from behind me... little miss merriweather wanted her picture taken too... don't let her cuteness fool you!!!!
I couldn't end this BLOG entry without a pic from last night... we went to a STARS game and here is my mom with Drew and her crazy... I mean dedicated friends... the theme for the night was Go Green!!!