Sunday, June 13, 2010

I haven’t officially updated in a while. Sometimes, I only have enough time to post a few pictures and that is it. Well, it’s nap time right now and I figured I probably have enough time to actually update a little:

• We still have baby ducks…every morning he wants to feed them and gets very upset if they are not around. Sometimes I take him out there anyways and he yells for them..”BABY DUCKS??” & “MOMMA DUCK” very cute!!! Usually they do not come BUT sometimes they do and that makes his day!!! YEAH!!! he will yell YEAH!!!

• We are currently trying to get rid of bottles… we attempted this a few months ago but Bub (that’s what I call him that or Bubby) he came down with a bad case of Croup (YUCK!!!) and I just gave in to him wanting a bottle because when he got upset it brought on coughing and more coughing…so now again we are getting rid of the bottles… cross your fingers…we are telling him that the bottle fairy is coming and that she is going to take his bottles to little babies that need bottles and she will leave him some NEW sippy cups!!! We will see!!

• He is also back to sleeping in the bed with us…I know I know go ahead and take my mommy of the year away… BUT it was doctor’s orders to have him sleep with us during his croup…and he had it for over 2 weeks… SOOOO now he is back snuggling with Ken. Since I am now on summer vacation we are going to tackle this one too!!! No fairy involved just my stubbornness against his and let me tell you he is a stubborn little boy!!!

• What else what else??? Well he is talking more than ever. He can pretty much say everything you ask him too EXCEPT octopus. He use to say it perfectly but one day at Costco (my favorite place besides TJ Maxx) he was reading a book about an octopus that we had picked up in the kids book section. When we went to check out he also had a big box of individually packed applesauce next to him. WELL he showed the book to the check-out man and told him octopus…and the man replied yep applesauce…EVER SINCE THEN an octopus is applesauce… darn you Costco man!!!

• He knows how to count to 10 and then goes 4321…so his counting goes like this..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 4 3 2 1 it is hilarious!!!

• He knows his colors… for Easter he got a pack of 8 colors and he loves them and so does Itty Bitty (Merriweather eats them) well he will have them all in his hand and carry them around and then look at his hand and notice one is missing because he dropped it… and he will look at us and say “where (fill in SPECIFIC color here) go???” and darn if he isn’t missing that exact color. we tell him to go look for it and he yells “ I find it!!!” and when he finds it he yell “found it!!!”

• When he wants to be held he’ll say “I hold you” Momma hold you…or daddy hold you…. VERY SWEET

• We are embarking, I am afraid, on the terrible twos!! He is an expert dare devil and likes to crawl on top of everything and try to balance. His latest is to climb on the couch and hop on it like a trampoline and then land on his butt. He fell off one time and got up and laughed and did it again without falling off!!! He gets a little sneaky grin when he is fixing to do something he knows he shouldn’t…sometimes you just can’t help but laugh.

• He has a time out chair BUT I am not so sure it is working because he will often put himself in it. When he pulled Itty Biity’s tail and made her cry he looked at me and said time out chair. Of course I said YES and he marched his little hiney over and sat in it!!! And then asked how long??? OH I am so in trouble!!! 

• He still LOVES music!!! His favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba!!! It is pretty cool!!! The characters are a little strange but it has good lessons and they sing a lot and dance. He loves it so much I am already planning his 2nd birthday party around it!!! I REALLY enjoy doing that kind of stuff!!!

• He has become a very very very picky eater. He loves apples, bananas, grapes, and peaches!!! The rest is a hit or miss!!! When he likes something he says yummy yummy

• When he gets really excited about something he says Oh’ Boy Oh’ Boy!!!

• He hates going to bed and struggles at naptime too. But once he falls asleep he is asleep!!! Even the dogs barking don’t bother him!!!

• He came up with names for my grandparents… my grandma is Me Mow and my grandpa is G Pa. VERY CUTE and they love their new names!!!

• He LOVES to watch anything about animals on TV. The other night we watched an hour long show about Applesauce (see above if you don’t get it)

• He can work an IPhone like nobody’s business!!! He can find a game, a song, a text, you name he can do it!!! He can even name artist when he hears a song.. he can name: Lady Ga Ga, Alabama, Pink, Frank Sinatra, Zac Brown, and more that I can’t think of right now!!!

• Last but not least, I think he is the most well mannered almost 2 year old around!!! He says please, thank you, your welcome, good morning, good abernoon, good evening, bye, adios, chow baby, later dude (ok not so mannerly) and I’m sorry!!! Really what other little guy do you know that can do that??? And he uses them in the right context too…not just random…in context!!! He is a super genius!!!

Well I hope that catches you up on my little man!! He is such a blessing to Ken and me!!! We never knew how much happiness one little boy could bring to us and our entire family and friends!!