Monday, June 14, 2010

OK I'm sure you have heard of Muffin Tin Mondays...
You know it is where these way awesome moms prepare these AdOrAbLe meals for their kids in MuFfiN tIns...
so here is my first try...
on the Muffin Tin Menu today was:
diced tomatoes
shredded cheese (he likes it... I swear)
french cheese toast sticks ( french toast minus syrup but add cheese)
apple sauce
sliced banana
and my LAME try at hot dog worms (now that I think of it that sounds gross)..*SIGH*

OK then I got the idea to add dippy sauces
so i added little DABS of
ketchup and mustard

when he first saw it he was AmaZeD
i tell you

he grabbed his utensils

and thought for a minute...

first he dipped into the ketchup...
not my choice to dip in BUT
what ev

then came handfuls of banana sprinkled with cheese...
again not my idea of YUMMY
what ev
he tried applesauce with a fork
and actually got some in his mouth
look he can dip without looking
man he is talented

Here is the END of Muffin Tin Monday
I consider it to be pretty successful!!
he ate quite a bit
the worm hot dogs...not sure I would eat those either
what ev
BUT I will tell you that next Monday I am going to do it again
because not only did he enjoy it...
I had a blast making it for him and
he took his time eating and I got to
clean the kitchen and eat too!!!
SO what do you say???
will you join me next week for a Muffin Tin Monday???
leave me a comment if you want...
if not
what ev ;)
just a little note~ he is shirtless because applesauce results in HUGE mess... much easier to go straight to bath...
we are not NO white trash baby ;)


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