Sunday, May 01, 2005


OK so I have been playing around with how to get these darn pictures on here it isn't as easy as cut and paste but I finally figured it out. The real issue of this BLOG is to keep family and friends updated on any future Baby Farley. As many of you know I have gone through a lot this past year to try to get pregnant. Through it all I have had lots of support from family and friends and a WONDERFUL DOCTOR!!!!!!! but we ... OK... I decided to start this BLOG to see if Friends and Family are interested in what's going on. I go to the doc on Thursday... May 5th for Testing. I have been taking the Fertility Drug Clomid to make me ovulate and on Thursday I get to give blood to test for hormone levels basically they are testing my progesterone to see if it is high enough and if it is not and we are not preg. this month then we will increase my dosage for the next month. We hope that this will not just be an update post for US but everyone share their pictures and news and we will try to post them on here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really cheering for Clomid to work for you! I know how stressful it all is for ya'll! You and Ken are in my thoughts as you go thorough this process! Good Luck! ~Whitney~

Aunt Linda said...

Mags and Ken,
What are ya'll going to do when you end up with Huey, Duey, Luey, Daffy and Daisy? Good luck to my favorite neice and her hubby.
You got a good one Maggie!
~*~ Aunt ~ 3 ~ Linda ~*~