Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bravo Star

For those of you that are familiar with Wt. Watchers ( which I will now refer to as WW) a Bravo star is a little silver star sticker. Well anyways, you would never guess the excitement I get when I know I am going to get one. At my Ww meeting, you get one of these stickers for every 5 pounds lost. I just got my first star sticker and I was soooooo excited. I felt like one of my 3rd graders. For my first five pounds I got a bookmark. That didn't really matter to me but to get the silver star... now that I LIKE. I am feeling better and have now focused my energy to a new source. Shifting from baby to losing. Ken and I are doing good we are addicted to this soup I like to make called 7 CAN SOUP. It is easy and only 4 points for one cup. On WW every thing has a point value and you have to stay within your point range. It really works. Some foods have 0 points...Unfortunately for me they are the NASTY VEGGIES....but hey I like lettuce and tomatoes which are 0 points. Dad has also been making some soups that are WW friendly. His doctor told him he has to lose some wt. so he got on the WW Wagon. He is to machismo to go to a meeting but he is making better choices about what he eats. The last soup he made was 1 point for one cup. WOW. ANYWAYS nothing too exciting going on here besides TODAY IS MY DAD's BIRTHDAY!!! We have a hockey game is mullet night. and the first 1500 get mullet wigs. Will have pictures. Anyways since dad is a regular at the hockey games mom told one of the head ladies it was his birthday and they have prepared him some kind of memorabilia gifts. Will post pics later.

Today I am thankful for..... my dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD....
love your daddy's girl.
A saying comes to mind when I think about the important men in my goes like this..


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