Saturday, October 15, 2005


Poor mom.. she had to take the whole clan to the Saints game without her LOYAL companion...Dad. He had injured his back and he was unable to go. I was his reluctant replacement. After, making our way through want-to-be Saints fans in the " TAIL GATING" party we eventually made our way into the ALAMO Dome. I was excited to be there even though I didn't really act like it. We were on the 3rd level ...which means climbing stair after stair after stair after stair after stair..ect....ect...ect..... Anyways...thank goodness I went to the ladies room before I made it to my final destination ... the worse seat in the house. You can look at the pictures I have posted to see what I am talking about. After was all said and done...we had a good time..even though the game ended with the Saints was controversial.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Today or that day I was thankful for wearing good shoes.